Oh look, it’s a tree, it’s a restroom! If only women ruled the golf world

Image of a tree, aka a golf course restroom

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WHEN GOLF DIGEST Senior Editor Stina Sternberg, LPGA Senior Vice President Nancy Henderson and GottaGoGolf Publisher Susan Fornoff envisioned a world where women ruled golf, there were plenty of golf course restrooms and green jackets to go round.

The three of us took the high chairs and microphones at the EWGA’s rockin’ Golfpalooza at the JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort and Spa in April 2012 and did our share of venting, and probably yours too. I wore my green jacket and suggested that all female Masters attendees next year wear theirs. And we made a few points about golf course restrooms.

  • Nancy: If women ruled the golf world, golf courses would all have clean and accessible restrooms.
  • Stina: If women ruled the golf world, men who used the women’s restroom would at least put the seat back down.
  • Susan: If women ruled the golf world, urinating on a golf course would be strictly prohibited and offenders would be ejected.

Later on, the man in my life, who sat amiably at the back of the room and later played a  round of golf with me from the forward tees at the TPC Las Vegas, commented on the panel. “I didn’t realize this urinating on the course business was such a big deal to you,” he said.

It’s not, but this is:


Honestly, I don’t know any women who don’t play golf at Podunk Hills GC because it has no restroom on the back nine. I do, however, know women who might buy a beer at the turn but don’t because there’s no relief ahead for the next two-and-a-half hours.

I also know women who think twice before spending $50 on a green fee at Podunk Hills because the one ladies room they do have is so scummy. Name another leisurely pursuit that offers limited comfort facilities yet demands we pay $50 or even $500 to spend 5 hours. And I’m talking Pebble Beach here, which ought to have sparkling marble ladies lounges scattered about for the price but instead offers the just-above-bare-minimum.

Furthermore, it is generally approved and condoned that the men who are wearing their nice golf clothes and forking out $50 to $500 may pee all over the facility!

And, furthermore, the men in charge of golf courses roll their eyes when told by experts that they need to have nice, clean, accessible restrooms in order to garner the praise of women players. One golf industry publication wrote it all off to the “difference between anatomy and modesty levels” between men and women — as if we women in golf suffer from at least a mild case of penis envy.

If we could, would we? Now, there’s a book to be authored by someone with many degrees. Here, it’s fair to say that a golf world that prioritizes skimpily clad cart girls over clean and accessible restrooms isn’t marketing to women.

This post first appeared in April 2012.

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