Image of Susan Fornoff golfing on Maui

Golf on Maui. Ahhhhhh!

Hello out there! I’m Susan Fornoff, the founder, editor-in-chief, coffee-maker and dishwasher for GottaGoGolf, which started in 2010 as a digital magazine and evolved into the blog and website it is today.

I started my career as a trailblazing sportswriter when I was studying journalism at the University of Maryland College Park, and have since covered everything from baseball to golf to home and garden to travel, for the likes of USA Today, the Sacramento Bee, the San Francisco Chronicle, and ColoradoBiz magazine. When I finally started playing golf in my 30s (it seemed like a good way to meet men), I noticed that although 1 in every 5 golfers is a woman, no more than 5 percent of golf’s media coverage shows women or speaks to women. Men are all over the place.

I don’t like that. Women golfers deserve a space of their own, a voice of their own, and I hope to provide that here with articles, opinion, reviews and more, all intended to make the game more accessible and fun for everyone.

You can read more about me at my “I love me” website, Also please visit the GottaGoGolf FAQ page for more information about how GottaGoGolf serves women golfers and the companies who court their business.

I’m based in the Denver area. Let’s make a tee time!