Golf glossary: The joy of the Maybelline shot

Image of woman applying makeupIN CASE you’re wondering what kind of shot will give you a glow, we introduce a GottaGoGolf favorite, the Maybelline shot.

Ever chunk your tee shot about 20 feet, then pull out your 3-wood and nail the next shot 180 yards with a sound that sings “sweeeeet spot”? You have just executed a Maybelline shot.

Generically, this would of course be the makeup shot, the one you never would have needed had you not screwed up the one before. It does not require a 3-wood, just extrication from some self-imposed predicament.

Think of the Maybelline shot as the golf equivalent of under-eye concealer the day after you’ve stayed up way too late having way too much fun. And if it’s a really great makeup shot, well, would that be… Lancome? Estee Lauder? Dior?

Choose your favorite, and wear it well. Ladies and women who golf will want to know how to execute this shot, which even men aspire to add to the repertoire. May you follow every miss with a Maybelline shot.

This article first appeared in the September 2011 edition of GottaGoGolf Magazine.

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