Fun golf tournament formats for couples and twosomes

Here’s the second segment in a four-part series of fun golf tournament formats and golf games:  couples and twosome events.

Image of two friends playing golf

WHAT WE’RE CALLING “Two-Players” are best known as “Two-Mans” or “Two-Ladies,” golf tournament formats for couples or twosomes that lighten the burden on individual players and add to the fun. In a league or tournament setting, liven up the ambiance by theming the costumes, assigning colors, or asking players to come as a famous duo in history, real or fictional. Take pictures and share them!

Two-Player Best Ball: Yes, this and not the Scramble is the real “best ball,” the most serious of the golf tournament formats for twosomes. The best net score of the two players is used on each hole. Plan to be in the neighborhood of 60 if you want to win the tournament.

Two-Player Aggregate: This time, both players’ scores, minus handicaps, are combined.

Blind-Draw Two-Player Best Ball: A fun icebreaker for club and league play, in this one players are partnered by blind draw after the round. There’s a lot of “oh, I’m sorry I screwed up No. 13” and “you could have done better” during the 19th hole reveal.

Alternate Shot: This is one of the touchier golf tournament formats for couples. In each twosome, one player tees off on odd holes and one on even holes. They then take turns all the way to the hole. Ideally, you’ll both be inclined to apologize rather than blame.

Scotch Twosome: Just like Alternate Shot, except that both players hit tee shots and then select the best.

Chapman: Both players hit tee shots and then swap to hit the other’s second shot. They then choose one ball and alternate turns to the hole.

Trifecta: Play a two-person scramble on the first six holes, a two-person best ball on the next six holes and alternate shot on the final six holes. You can mix up the order of the formats, but I like this one because the first one is fastest and the last one is toughest.


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