Shopping for a killer women’s wedge? Here’s what you need to know

Image of woman in bunkerIT’S NOT EVERY DAY that a golf club manufacturer targets women golfers. It’s not any day that a golf club manufacturer markets a custom forged wedge to women golfers. So when Renegar Golf announced its intentions to design a wedge just for us, GottaGoGolf went to Jack Gilbert for the scoop.

“The little 40-yard chip into the green is the same for the lady as it is for Dustin Johnson,” the company president said from Brentwood, Tenn. “You want it to hit, check and roll out 3, 4 or 5 feet. We wanted to design a wedge for any golfer, whether you’re a beginner or a senior player or a tour player or in a ladies group. So we went out to a club here in Nashville and had women try our (standard) club and get their feedback.”

What Gilbert learned will help every woman golfer who is shopping for a wedge that will extricate her from the thickest rough and the fluffiest sand.


  • Because most women play standard, men’s length wedges, they choke down on their grip. A better length for the average 5-foot-5-inch woman: 1/2 inch shorter than a men’s wedge, or 35 inches.  Gilbert said a shorter woman shouldn’t hesitate to go to her local golf shop and have them remove the grip and shave off another half inch. But, he said, play first. “Length of club depends on height, how long are your arms, and stance,” he said. “Too many variables until you hit the club.”
  • A woman as tall and strong as a man who is a decent player should just select standard men’s wedges.
  • A women’s wedge lie angle is not likely to be important except for the very tall player (6-foot-4) or short player (4-foot-10). It’s not something we should worry about when we order a club.
  • Your shot will tell you if you need a lie adjustment: If you consistently pull your short shots left, the angle should be flatter (minus 1 or 2); if you consistently push them out to the right, the angle should be higher (plus 1 or 2). A club fitter can adjust this easily.
  • If your divot is square and even, your club fits you. If it is deeper near the toe or heel, you should have a lie adjustment. (The bounce board in golf shops also analyzes this.)
  • C5 or C6 is a normal swing weight for the average woman, as opposed to D5 for the average man.
  • Unlike with a driver (and some putters), bigger is not better for wedges. A more compact head glides through the rough more easily
  • A forged wedge gives a “softer, more pleasant impact with less vibration” than a cast wedge.
  • Because most women can’t reach a typical par-4 in regulation, the right wedge is essential for getting close enough to the hole to make par.

“Everybody wants to get closer to the hole, that’s just universal,” Gilbert said. “That’s why our slogan is ‘You’ll make more putts.’ ”

Renegar is the upscale option for women, with an MSRP of $189 for a forged women’s wedge with a loft of from 46 to 58 degrees. Cast options for women are on the market from Tour Edge, Top Flite, TaylorMade, MacGregor, Ping and Cleveland and range from $60 to $120.

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