Dear GGG: She walks all over our putting lines. What should we do?

Image of woman's putting line

Dear GGG: A golf companion always SNIPES loudly at anyone who comes CLOSE to walking in her putting lines. But she walks all over the green on everyone’s putting lines on EVERY green. It feels manipulative to me, am I wrong?

A. Personally, I think the effect of a recreational golfer wearing rubber soles and spikes walking on the putting lines of another recreational golfer is highly overrated. But it is definitely rude to do so intentionally.

I would talk to the other players in my foursome and plan a little in-round conversation among the three of us but loud enough for Lead Foot to hear, relaying a story we’d heard from a friend about a player who couldn’t keep her tippy toes to herself on the green and then asking, “Lead Foot, what would you tell her?” And see where the conversation went.

Manipulative? Oh, maybe a little. Hee hee. But I have a feeling that a group of guys would have turned her into a statue on the greens by now.

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