Learn the power of the Linda Ronstadt golf shot

Image of Linda Ronstadt album coverYOU’VE JUST BELTED your best drive of the day, and as your companions watch your golf ball come to rest several yards farther down the fairway than theirs, one of them says, “Wow. Linda Ronstadt.”

What do you say? Try, “Thank you.”

It’s a great compliment – and not just because Linda Ronstadt could really belt out a song. (And if you need a refresher on that, please visit YouTube and watch young Linda’s “Love Has No Pride.”)

No, the Linda Ronstadt golf shot expression (at first more popular with baseball pitchers) actually originated with one of her hit songs, “Blue Bayou.” A golfer who hammered her drive could turn to her opponent and say, “Blue Bayou,” meaning “I just blew by you.”

Eventually, the rather rude-sounding “Blue Bayou” evolved into the sweet sound of “Linda Ronstadt.” As with most golf compliments, it’s best offered to others than boasted of one’s self.

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