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YOU MAY NOT find a golf dress on the racks at your local golf course, even though they meet just about every golf dress code and even though every major golf apparel company has at least one in its latest catalog. From the sporty selections at Nike and Adidas to the high styling at Kevan Hall Sport and aDRESSit Golf to the stylish and sporty options from EP Pro and Tail, the golf dress seems suddenly sensible, maybe even for the non-girly-girl.


  • The golf dress requires no unzipping, unbuttoning or retucking for pit stops.
  • The golf dress generally does not constrict the midsection in any way, not only freeing the golf swing but lowering the heat factor.
  • The golf dress streamlines the sometimes pre-dawn, pre-tee-time decision-making required to coordinate a top with a bottom.
  • The golf dress is surprisingly versatile. On a cold morning you can wear leggings and a pullover, then ditch them as the sun warms up the course.
  • Fabricated in today’s technical materials, the lightweight, easy-care golf dress travels and washes well.
  • The less sporty, more feminine styles of golf dresses would present well for many activities at several golf vacation locations, making them good values at between $70 and $150.
Image of Malibu golf dress from Bette&Court

The Malibu golf dress from Bette & Court

A few years ago, in a charity tournament, I tried out the new, almost-released Malibu dress you see here from Bette & Court. In addition to all of the points above, I also found a few more friendly features. One, the animal print made it slimming. Two, it was long enough and had enough of a collar to qualify for even the stuffiest golf dress code. Three, when I posted my picture on Facebook, my guy friends were liking it. A lot. The dress has a convenient pocket and comes with little black shorts that proved comfortable and soothed concerns about a possible Marilyn Monroe effect in the wind. If you are inspired to seek out that Bette & Court’s Malibu dress, know that it runs a bit big and retailed for about $90.


Mostly these are not negatives but CONSiderations for shopping online for your little black (or some other color) golf dress.

  • The dress generally is suited to warmer weather.
  • I know one young (very pretty) fashion designer who feels overly exposed wearing a golf dress. Really, if you feel self-conscious about your skin, this is probably not a style for you.
  • Notice, I did not wear a baseball-style cap and tennis-style shoes. I think the golf dress requires more careful accessorizing than shirt-and-shorts do. (Golf fashion don’t: Black shoes. You want to elongate the leg with a shoe color that closely matches your skin tone, generally a range between brown and beige and white.)
  • Some golf dresses do not have what is considered to be a collar. But we defy any golf course to throw you out if you are wearing something as gorgeous as the Kevan Hall Sport Calabasas Swirl or as sporty as the Nike Ace.
  • Know that the dress you order is not going to be as short as it looks on the model in the picture — and, indeed, you might want to hem yours. (Mine was perfect but I am 5-foot-8.)

Just remember, if you hem your golf dress too high, you are going to make some country clubs nervous. Though here at GottaGoGolf, we’re not all that opposed to making some country clubs nervous. In fact, we’re waiting for golf boots to go with our new golf dress.

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