Beware: Spring is when golf’s snowbitch comes out to play

Image of a snowbitchTHERE ARE ALL KINDS of cute words for nasty golf scores, and snowbitch is a newcomer to the scene. She’s the feminine version of a snowman, which is not exactly a jolly and festive occurrence.

This isn’t one we’re likely to hear the pros use. Once they get past bogey, they’re statistically in the land of what’s known as “other.” That said, the rest of us know Jordan Spieth had a hockey stick on No. 12 at Augusta last weekend. Hockey stick = 7 upside-down.

You can just look at our snow woman and see what golf score she represents. There’s an 8 right there in the picture. And she’s not looking very happy. So when your girlfriends ask your score and it’s the number between 7 and 9, you can say “snowbitch” with a sneer.

Then step up to the next tee and show a little bit of pistosterone.

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