Attention-getting golf clothes that meet the dress codes

I NEEDED NEW women friends last summer, so I went into my wardrobe for my loudest golf clothes, which happened to be a brightly patterned Loudmouth golf skort with a purple shirt. Then I went to a golf event where there were 80 women.

All day, woman after woman approached me to say she liked my loud skort and ask me where I got it. It was a conversation starter, opening up an exchange about golf dress codes, women’s golf clothes and where to shop in the area. From there, it was easy to get to, “Oh by the way, what’s your name?”

Clothes do say much about us, but in the case of splashy or unusual attention-getters, they can even say “Hello” for us while still meeting golf course dress codes. Here are a few pieces that captured my eye at the winter golf industry shows and might make you some new friends, if you dare to wear them.

Image of Icon shoe

Got the artist?

Foot-friendly art

Your icon shoes will start a conversation with art lovers all around the course, as they try to guess which famous work inspired your new shoe. Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso and more find their way onto your feet. MSRP $185 for the double-duty golf-and-walking shoe.

Flirty, flippy and blinding

Image of Lucky in Love skort

A gold-medal winner

Lucky in Love has caught eyes on the tennis runway, so now the skorts are getting a little longer and taking to the women’s golf market. The gold skort cannot be ignored – but even the basic skort style, available in three lengths, commands attention in any of an exotic array of fabrics. MSRP $118 (but findable for less online).

Image of ClubWear outfit

Choose driver or disco

Pieces of silver

ClubWear’s short-sleeve shirt and skort in silver is so eye-catching, it might blind your admirers. The shiny fabric seems just as appropriate for nightclubbing as for day duffing. The shirt retails at $89 and the skort at $99.

Image of Royal and Awesome skort

Excuse to growl

“For the pars and the bars”

That’s the slogan of Loudmouth’s new competitor, Royal & Awesome, which is working on breaking into the U.S. market with its noisy pants, skorts, shorts and even knickers, with matching flat caps available in many patterns. The zebra skort shown here is quiet compared to the rest, retail price around $60.

Image of Greg Norman sweater

Girl’s got fur

It’s fake, promise

The new black ribbed cardigan for women from Greg Norman comes with full two-way zipper, pockets on both sides, and a sweet black fur collar. This is an elegant piece to wear on the course and off, with a suggested retail price of $119.

Image of Loudmouth skort

The original loud

Old reliable

Loudmouth, the leader in attention-getting golf clothes, continues to lead the way in creative patterns for everything from suitcases to leggings while sticking with a dependably high-quality cotton fabric for their staple pants, shorts and skorts. Shagadelic, shown here, is guaranteed to elicit double-takes if you can still find it. Around $80.

Do you have the nerve to wear any of this stuff? Do you love it? Do you find it obnoxious? Do tell…

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