How about a little gratitude for golf?

Image of couple on golf courseOn a recent Sunday morning at Sharp Park Golf Course, players chased their hats in gale-force storm winds and endeavored to putt through sloppy mud on temporary greens.

Afterward, we filled our plates with turkey and mashed potatoes, and lifted glasses that were not half empty. We had seen the new greens that would soon replace those temporaries, and we knew that wind is just a fact of life on a golf course snuggled next to the Pacific Ocean. We were grateful for beautiful surroundings and new friends.

Of all of the gifts of golf, those two seem to be the most universal. If you think you’ve seen an ugly golf course, I’d suggest that perhaps you were missing a contact lens that day. If you’ve not made new friends at a golf course, could it be that you’re always playing in the same foursome?

Beyond the scenery and pals, we can be thankful for golf for giving us exercise, teaching us discipline, and reminding us to do our best even while accepting the game’s whimsy when it comes to rewards. After all, our perfect shot might hit the flag and fly 20 yards off course. And our ground ball might stop rolling in the bottom of the cup for a hole-in-one.

As you flip through the final 2015 issue of GottaGoGolf Magazine, the national golf magazine for women, I hope you’ll take a few minutes to consider the special gifts the game has given you this year.

It’s hard to imagine a greater gift from golf than the one I have received. An odyssey that began with the “His” and “Her” stories in the Spring issue of GottaGoGolf has evolved into the great love of my life.

A year ago we had our first date at Sharp Park. Back then I referred to him as LongDistanceMan; soon I will call him my husband. We’re planning to walk down the fairway of life together, doing our best to help each other out of the trees and hazards along the way.

As always, I appreciate the gift of your attention. Thank you and happy holidays from GottaGoGolf.

Susan Fornoff

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

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