Women golfers wanted at the Little River Inn

Image of Little River Inn

Even in the fog, the Little River Inn shines.

Out on the Northern California coast, where the fog predictably rolls in late most afternoons, it is refreshing to find an unconventional golf resort looking for new ways to attract women golfers.

Yesterday the Rock and I played 18 holes at the Little River Golf Course, which meant we went around the challenging, narrow, tree-filled nine-holer twice. Assistant manager Kathy Shepley greeted us, superintendent Terry Stratton zipped by when we were on the course to say hello (and hear our compliments on the pristine greens), and manager Justin Pyorre and director of golf Wayne Salyards joined us for an impromptu conversation after the round about attracting more women players. Continue reading

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A sequel to “Confessions of a Golf Slut”


Illustration by Tobe Daranouvong

What happens when middle-aged golfer TeedUp meets middle-aged golfer GolfWineDine for a six-day first date on the Monterey Peninsula? Here’s HER side of the HERS and HIS in the Spring 2015 issue of GottaGoGolf.

It is Sunday morning and I am agonizing over what to wear for the day’s round. Once I assemble a navy skort, white shirt with navy trim, navy sweater and navy capri tights, I realize my hands are shaking too much to apply my blue eye liner with any more skill than that of a crayon-gripping 4-year-old.

Clearly, I have bargained for more than my usual play day with the Sharp Park Business Women’s Golf Club. I am on my way to meet TeedUp, who boarded a plane into Northern California from his cold-weather state for a six-day golf date with me, also known online as GolfWineDine. We have emailed, chatted and Skyped, but never really met.


Continue reading

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What’s in your birdie juice, golfer?

Image of flaskA few years ago my friend Susan played a round of golf with a couple of Canadian ladies warming their cockles in sunny Palm Springs. The three women played well, and on the 17th hole, one of the snowbirds sank a birdie putt.

She threw up her arms as if she’d just won the Kraft Nabisco and declared, “Birdie juice!” Then she hurried to the cart to dig out of her golf bag a flask decorated with birdies and the words “BIRDIE JUICE.”

She took a sip and then offered the flask to each of her companions. Susan took one taste, smacked her lips and said, “Why didn’t you tell me about this sooner? I’d have played much better!”

So there you have the power of the birdie juice: Not only does it create an instant party to celebrate a birdie, its very presence can inspire success. Continue reading

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Expert advice for women golfers looking for more distance

Image of Yani Tseng

LPGA driving distance leader Yani Tseng

How does your drive measure up to that of the typical LPGA Tour player?

According to the TrackMan system, her swing speed with the driver is 94 mph. Her attack angle is 3 degrees, her launch angle 13.2 degrees and her spin rate is 2611 rpm. Her ball speed is 140, her maximum height is 25 yards and the drive travels 218 yards on the fly.

And then there’s Yani Tseng, who led the LPGA Tour in the early going of 2015 with an average drive of 278 yards.

Ah, so you have a ways to go? The equipment companies would recommend you get fitted for a new driver. The teachers, however, have some other ideas that cost much less and can help you much more.

Pick out one of these three tips and give it a go. Who knows, maybe then you’ll be watching your golf ball go, go and go. Continue reading

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Available now: A free sample of GottaGoGolf Magazine

Cover of Spring 2015 issueIf your golf association is one of the 20 members of the Women’s Golf Alliance, you can get GottaGoGolf for free through your association. If you were a GottaGoGolf subscriber as of March 1, 2015, you’re also getting the magazine for free in your newsletter.

If you’re not eligible for a free subscription, check out our free sample and tell us it’s not worth $20 a year to read the only national golf magazine dedicated to women.

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What’s YOUR golf fashion style?

Image of Paula Creamer wearing Adidas

Paula Creamer in Adidas.

Men walk into a golf shop, go to a table, pick up a shirt, hold it up and then head for the cash register. Of course, it’s not that simple for women, and every year we have more choices.

Do you have a brand that you know matches your attitude and fashion sense? The Spring 2015 issue of GottaGoGolf Magazine endeavors to help, establishing 10 categories of women golfers:

  • Life of the Party: You like your outfits to be noticed and remembered.
  • Multitasker: Your golf clothes take you through an active day.
  • Fashion Diva: You love the posh magazines and are happy to pay for quality.
  • Traditionalist: You have had the same flattering hairdo for years and tilt toward the preppy.
  • Fit-Challenged: You are always writing to us and asking, why don’t they make that outfit in my size?
  • Girly Girl: You’re not opposed to pinks, ruffles and matchy-matchy looks.
  • Sun Savvy: You check the labels because you know some golf clothes have high SPF properties.
  • Jock Girl: You buy golf clothes for swinging and walking.
  • The Juggler: Neutrals and tonals fit your busy lifestyle.
  • Eco-Girl: If it’s sustainably made and didn’t have to travel far, you’re impressed.

Now GottaGoGolf wants to know: Who are you? Vote in the poll — and then be sure to check out the magazine to see which brands suit your style. (And, because we know most of us don’t want to limit our fashion choices, feel free to pick TWO.)

What's YOUR style?

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Finally: U.S. Senior Women’s Open

Great news today for the Legends Tour and inspiration for LPGA stars to keep playing. And here’s a prediction: Annika in 2021.

New York, N.Y.  – The United States Golf Association (USGA) today announced the establishment of a new championship, the U.S. Senior Women’s Open Championship, which will debut in 2018. Continue reading

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