What’s happening in women’s golf

A 19-year-old wins the LPGA’s last major of the year, and here’s USGA news on the last two amateur women’s championships of the season.

Here’s an ICYMI (in-case-you-missed-it) roundup of a big week in women’s golf.

LPGA’s Evian: Another teen triumph

image of Hyo Joo Kim

Hyo Joo Kim (LPGA.com: Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)

Karrie Webb had to like her chances with a 1-shot lead en route to the 18th hole on Sunday. In second place: 19-year-old Hyo Joo Kim, who had never won an LPGA event and was not even a member of the tour.

But Webb, 39, became unraveled after Kim stuck her approach 12 feet from the flag. The Hall of Famer missed the green, then bellied a wedge 10 feet past the flag. Now Kim drains her birdie putt and Webb does not make her 10-footer to force a playoff. Continue reading

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Plus-size golf clothing trends and tips

Ladies, don’t try to hide your curves anymore. Designers are making plus-size golf clothes to slim and slenderize — and we’ve got tips!

image of Laura Davies

Dame Laura Davies’ game is timeless, but her style could use an update from today’s designers.

It’s the rare woman who looks at a golf skort and shirt in the dressing room mirror and concludes, “This outfit makes me look too thin.”

This article is for the rest of us, The woman whose waist mysteriously disappeared as middle age arrived. The woman who has always been big. And, especially, the woman who is finally trying to kick some bad habits with the exercise of golf. Continue reading

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Why women love this new game of golf

Golf may be dying, but there’s no question that Topgolf is booming. Here’s what working about this business model, and why women especially will love it.

image of woman golfer at Topgolf

Swinging at the Talking Stick Resort and Casino at Topgolf Riverwalk.

My friend Kelly and I had a sweltering August day to spend together in her hometown of Phoenix. With a baseball game on tap under the Chase Field roof that evening, we decided on an all-sports Friday that would start with golf.

No, not golf on a golf course. It was 115 degrees! We headed for Topgolf to see why it was the new figurative hotspot in the Valley of the Sun. And while we noticed a bachelor party and a corporate gig packing in the guys on the top floor, we could also see other women like us on the much cooler ground floor, having a good time with their friends and families.

It didn’t take long to see why. Continue reading

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5 golf yoga poses for women

Practicing golf yoga might help bend your game closer to par. Try these five poses from Yoga for Golfers guru Katherine Roberts.

image of Warrior 3 with a golf club

Warrior 3, with a golf club

There’s no arguing the benefits of yoga for the golf game – not just the swing, which becomes more powerful from the inherent strength and balance training, but the stamina and concentration required over the course of 18 holes. A little bit of “Om”ing can do wonders for the scorecard.

But it’s a good assumption that readers of GottaGoGolf would rather spend their precious time playing golf than practicing yoga. So we went to Katherine Roberts, who has worked with Hank Haney on fitness fixes for swing flaws and has her own Yoga For Golfers franchise headquartered at YogaForGolfers.com.

We asked Katherine to give us some shortcuts to better golf through yoga. Continue reading

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Golf glossary: Block

Playing with blocks can be fun, with toddlers. Blocking shots can be fun, in the NBA. If we golfers block a shot, well, sorry to say, that’s a problem that’s not a slam dunk to solve. Find out about the meaning and the solution.

Image of blocks


If you block a shot in a basketball arena, you’ve had a good day. If you block a shot on the golf course, you might need some lessons.

That’s because your blocked shot is going to land well right of your intended target — unless you’re a lefty, in which case the news is no better: Your blocked shot will land well left of target.

Unlike in basketball, this is not happening because Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has swooped in and swatted away your golf ball. In fact, unlike in basketball, it is really not all that simple to assess what causes a shot to be blocked.

Generally, the problem is that the club face stays open when the ball is struck, causing it to start right and stay right. So various schools of thought would suggest a golfer to adjust her stance, her swing plane, her address. One cause might be turning too quickly so as to connect with the ball late in the swing; another, not turning the wrists early enough through the swing.

Fixing a block is no slam dunk. So see your local golf guru for help.

This article first appeared in the May 2011 edition of GottaGoGolf Magazine.

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6 tips on when to mark your golf ball

Do you really need to mark your ball on the putting green? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Think about it.

image of golf balls in a questionmarkIt happens almost every Sunday — I am ready to chip onto the green but it is Jane’s turn first. I wait as she takes her shot, and then I stand over my ball right away to play mine and keep play moving. But as I take one quick look at the hole, I realize Jane is walking across my field of vision to mark her ball. So I stop and wait for Jane to finish what she is doing and stand still.

And, there’s another wasted minute on the golf course.

Jane’s golf ball was not on my golf ball’s path to the hole. I hadn’t asked her to mark it. If my ball went terribly off course and knocked hers away, Jane has to put hers back where it was. But even many experienced golfers believe that once their ball is on the putting green, they are supposed to pull that pretty marker off their cap and lift their ball before anyone else plays. Continue reading

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Spring 2015 women’s golf fashions from Antigua

Look for women golfers in black, white and neon next spring. That’s just one of the trends being marketed by Antigua in its newly introduced 2015 collection.

Antigua's Zoom polo

Here’s the Zoom polo, with neon accents.

PEORIA, Ariz. — The Antigua Group, Inc. — one of the nation’s leading designers and marketers of lifestyle and golf apparel — has introduced its Antigua Spring 2015 Women’s Golf Collection.

“Response to the bright colors, fantastic new styling, and the advanced moisture-wicking technology has been outstanding,” said Ron McPherson, President and CEO of Antigua. “This promises to be our best-selling women’s collection to date.”

The new collection is inspired by the concept of mixing comfort and trend. Continue reading

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