Our house 19th hole cocktail: The Shapely GottaGoGolfer

image of 19th hole graphicThe task of mixing an official GottaGoGolf cocktail became so grueling, we needed pajamas. But now we have a fun and fitting beverage for the 19th hole.
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Does that cute golf shoe match your game? 6 shopping tips

Golf Shoes Cartoon

Cartoon by Cathy Bowman

Ever bought a pair of golf shoes that felt great in the store but miserable after 14 holes? Here’s some shopping advice from an Adidas golf shoe expert.

This post all started with a couple of styles of Adidas shoes I wear. One day I noticed that after 18 holes in one model, my whole body ached. A week earlier, I had played the same 18 holes in the other model and could have played another 18.

Both pairs felt great when I tried them on and bought them. In fact, pair No. 1 probably felt even better than pair No. 2, the pair that ultimately works best for me.

So, how’s a girl supposed to shop for shoes that do more than look good with her outfit? I asked Brendan Sweeney, a member of the product marketing team for footwear at Adidas. Continue reading

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Most popular win of the year goes to Christina Kim


This picture just makes me SO happy inside #number1fan #winnerwinner @thechristinakim

Michelle Wie looked as teary-eyed as Christina Kim when the pair embraced after Kim clinched her first LPGA Tour victory in nine years on Sunday. The two friends rejoiced even more emotionally than they had over Wie’s U.S. Open victory in June at Pinehurst. Most popular win of the year definitely goes to Christina Kim. Continue reading

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Why we litter the golf course with curse words

image of a potty mouth graphic Even GottaGoGolf’s best player, Michelle Smith, has her moments of potty mouth. Here, she takes a look at the love affair between cursing and golf.
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Golf glossary: Chili dip

infographic of chili dipIt’s definitely an uncool shot. Find out the golf meaning of chili dip — but don’t expect Emily Kay’s explanation to cure yours. Continue reading

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LPGA takes mentoring to new heights

The next Chico’s Patty Berg Memorial will showcase future stars and legends of women’s golf, paired together on the same course. Here are the highlights of today’s announcement from Brett Lasky, Symetra Tour media coordinator, on the partnership of the Symetra and Legends tours. Continue reading

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6 steps to relief from the cart path

Understanding Rule 24 Obstructions yields a simple process for taking relief from those modern golf course freeways, the cart paths. Gail Rogers leads the way out with concrete advice.

image of cart pathQ: I have been told many things about taking a proper drop from a cart path.  How am I really supposed to do it?

When golf first began, players walked and carried their clubs. There were no cart paths. Water came from Mother Nature, not irrigation systems. Yardages were measured by the eye and experience of player and caddie, not by Kirby markers. On-course restrooms and snack bars had not yet appeared on the golf landscape.

Today, however, an understanding of Rule 24 Obstructions can help every golfer. Continue reading

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