6 things a woman should carry in her golf bag

Oh sure, you probably carry a first-aid kit, bottle of water and maybe some rain gloves in that big, multi-pocketed golf bag of yours. You’ve got room for more stuff, and here are six things every woman should carry.

Birdie Babe Bottle

BirdieBabe.com makes a bottle for birdie juice, or water if preferred.

This is not the article to tell you what equipment you should have in your golf bag. GottaGoGolf recommends a club fitting expert for that. But if you’ve got the space, these six small additions may not enhance your game but could most surely lift your mood when you need it most: Continue reading

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Golf dress codes around the world

A round-the-world search of golf dress codes for women produced some award-winning regulations, from super-strict to anything-goes. Ladies, one thing seems clear: Clothes are generally required.

Coordinated shoes and pants

Matching shoes with pants: never required, always nice. (Dreamstime)

The other day I suggested to my kids at The First Tee of Oakland that they wear things that have pockets, because they won’t always have a coach standing by to hold their scorecard, tees and ball markers. Then I tried to explain golf course dress codes. I looked at the little girls, rocking the leggings-and-golf-shirt look, and the boys in their oversize gym shorts. One of them had on cargo shorts, which are so perfect for golf because of all those pockets, yet are frowned upon at many courses.

How could I begin to explain golf course dress codes? I looked around the world and found some award-winning doozies. Continue reading

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Golf glossary: Hitting it fat

Fat might be a good quality to have in a wallet, but we don’t want it on our waistlines or in our golf game. Emily Kay explains.

Image of a hippoYou work hard at your fitness, and you sure don’t want fat shots. You hit it fat (or heavy, or chunky — you get the picture) when your club digs up the turf before it hits the ball. The aftermath is not pretty: a divot the size of Rhode Island that covers more ground than your Pro V1x. Hitting it “thin” (essentially, taking no divot and topping the ball) may get you more distance, but it’s not the Rx for the chubby shot. Continue reading

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You don’t have to play 18 holes to post an 18-hole score

Golfers with USGA indexes like to post their scores. Here’s how to do it even when your round gets shortened, or if you decide to play a few holes outside of the rules.

Image of a scorecard

In this example of a round that snow ended on the 13th hole, a player who is a 10-handicapper posts bogeys on the 15th, 16th and 18th holes, pars on 14 and 17.

My Sunday morning golf course is closing four holes for renovation for a couple of months. First reaction: disappointment. After all, 14 holes does not a round of golf make, right?

Well, wrong. Of course we can get an 18-hole score on our record by posting all of our nine-hole rounds — when there are two of these, they are combined for an 18-hole score. But few golfers know that the USGA also allows us to post an 18-hole score after we have played just 13 of the 18 holes on a course.  Yes, 13 holes does a round of golf make!

Here’s how you do it: Continue reading

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The 3 rules most commonly broken by new golfers

Guidance guru Gail Rogers has seen these common rules violations too many times. Follow her golf tournament tips so that you won’t make them when you’re playing for major marbles!

Image of the Rules of GolfWhile playing in a tournament recently, I observed a number of mistakes which will cost a player a penalty stroke – or two – that can easily be understood and avoided.

Identifying your ball

The most common error occurs when you come up to a ball in the general area where your ball should be. You find a ball but you cannot see your identification mark on it Continue reading

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Women’s British Open teaches a rules lesson

The third-round British Open penalty on Sun-Ju Ahn serves us just another reminder: If the pros don’t know the rules of golf, what chance do the rest of us have?

Image of British Open scoringListening to Dottie Pepper and Judy Rankin this morning, it sounded to me as if any golfer who’s anybody knows Rule 13-3, “A player is entitled to place (her) feet firmly in taking (her) stance, but (she) must not build a stance.”

Dottie and Judy were all over Sun-Ju Ahn immediately when she kicked away some sand while taking an awkward position above her ball in one of those nasty Royal Birkdale bunkers alongside the 18th green. With a par, Ahn would be the leader going into Sunday’s final round, but right away the elegant and polite Judy was saying that while she hates to call a penalty on anyone, she would definitely “have to have a look at that.”

Viewers then received several looks at Ahn stabilizing her feet and then shuffling them back and forth over the sand. So we could see what was coming. It didn’t matter, Dottie and Judy pointed out, Continue reading

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A scone recipe just in time for the British Open

Finally, we’ve got a can’t-miss wedge: a recipe perfect for mornings spent watching the British Open on TV. Of course, Cheryl’s GottaGoGolf scone is not traditional but contemporary, not staid but happening! Enjoy!

Image of sconesAt GottaGoGolf there’s always something to celebrate, and every summer it’s the rare opportunity to watch the top women golfers in the world on live television over breakfast.

Tennis players live for their annual breakfast at Wimbledon; we get breakfast at the British Open.

Scones have been associated with England, Scotland and Ireland for even longer than Laura Davies has been teeing up at the British. Continue reading

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