Spring 2015 women’s golf fashions from Antigua

Look for women golfers in black, white and neon next spring. That’s just one of the trends being marketed by Antigua in its newly introduced 2015 collection.

Antigua's Zoom polo

Here’s the Zoom polo, with neon accents.

PEORIA, Ariz. — The Antigua Group, Inc. — one of the nation’s leading designers and marketers of lifestyle and golf apparel — has introduced its Antigua Spring 2015 Women’s Golf Collection.

“Response to the bright colors, fantastic new styling, and the advanced moisture-wicking technology has been outstanding,” said Ron McPherson, President and CEO of Antigua. “This promises to be our best-selling women’s collection to date.”

The new collection is inspired by the concept of mixing comfort and trend. Continue reading

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5 pointers on marking the golf ball

We all have our favorite ball markers, some quite glitzy, but they all require proper handling within the Rules of Golf. Guidance guru Gail Rogers explains.

Advice_MarkingAs golfers, we all have them: decorative or logo ball markers of plastic, wood or metal that settle to the bottom of a ball pocket in our golf bag, or reside on a hat clip. They give us a smile when one from a memorable trip or golf day is pulled out to be used for the round that is about to begin.

But they have a serious function too.

Understanding the little rules associated with ball markers will save us from making a mistake that costs a penalty stroke in either  match and stroke play. It could even prevent us from being disqualified for not recording a penalty that we have incurred before returning our scorecard.

Here are five potentially stroke-saving points on marking the ball. Continue reading

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7 golf etiquette tips for nervous newbies

Golf’s unwritten rules intimidate new players. Here’s how to translate them into good manners.

Image of women puttingQ: Golf has so many unwritten rules, generally known as “golf etiquette,” that I’m intimidated about playing with strangers. What are the good manners that won’t give me away as a newbie – and might even get me an invitation or two for a future round?

The good news and the bad news about golf etiquette: It’s just like learning social etiquette. Bad news: Have you tried to lift any of the social etiquette books? Ow! Good news: Once you learn etiquette, it requires little thought as long as you offer grace and a smile.

In the interest of positive imagery – always advised in swing thoughts and etiquette – here are a few key do’s: Continue reading

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Hula for a better golf game

These three fun moves with the right-size hula hoop might help your golf swing. They’ll most definitely help your golf fitness.

Image of hula exerciseThe hula hoop might be just the toy for the well-rounded golfer looking to improve golf fitness.

Kaye Anderson’s Hoop Power classes draw exercisers of all ages and fitness levels because they’re fun, low impact and accessible to all. Here she shares a few ideas for golfers who can’t make it to her Berkeley, Calif., studio.

“I’ve taught all ages and sizes, and this is accessible even to the person with a knee injury or a bad back,” Anderson said. “The most important thing is to have the right size hoop. A larger, heavier person needs a bigger hoop. And the one thing I would not recommend are the cheap plastic hoops kids use.”

Here are three moves she recommends, with the proper hoop: Continue reading

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Golf glossary: Caddy or caddie?

Is Bones a caddy or a caddie? What about Fanny? Could it be that he’s a caddy and she’s a caddie? We had to go to the dictionary, and then some, but now we’ve got the answer.

Image of dictionaryWhich is it, caddy or caddie? Is one masculine and one feminine, like Bobby and Bobbie?

GottaGoGolf has been using the “Rules of Golf” spelling of caddie, but between the resurgance of vintage golf movie Caddyshack and the rise of new golf mobile app Who’s Your Caddy, we finally looked it up. Continue reading

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Why women hate the long putter

Long putters have such a PGA Tour fan club that they caught the USGA’s eye and inspired a ban on “anchoring.” Women, however, hardly care. Equipment Editor Emily Kay found out why.

Image of woman using belly putter


Adam Scott, Matt Kuchar, Keegan Bradley and Fred Couples pledge allegiance to the long putters that make traditionalists gag on their 9-irons.

Women, however, are not joining the stampede of golfers rushing to swap their beloved flat sticks for the unconventional option. Their gut reaction: Get that belly putter outta my breadbasket.

GottaGoGolf set out to find out why – and ended up opening the eyes of some vendors who learned a little something about the women’s equipment market. Continue reading

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Are women tired of watching Tiger Woods?

Reaction to the Cauldron story “Stuck In An Endless Loop” indicated that men still like to watch Tiger Woods, so maybe this is a woman thing.

Image of The CauldronI wasn’t thinking about this when I wrote “Stuck In An Endless Loop” for the cool new sportswriting collection called The Cauldron. But it occurred to me later when a few men put forth the opinion that golf is dull but Tiger Woods is interesting.

So I wonder: Could it be that women are more interested in watching the likes of Rory McIlroy, Adam Scott, and even pudgy Miguel Angel Jimenez, while male viewers are still into Tiger? Continue reading

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