Golf leggings belong in every woman’s wardrobe. Try these tips.

Golf companies are working hard to make women’s golf clothes that are fashionable and functional. Leggings have fashion and function — heed these tips.

Image of woman in Nike leggingsI started using golf leggings on my annual golf trip to Reno-Tahoe. It’s always the first week of June. Some years, it snows. Some years, we wish more rooms had air-conditioning. What’s a woman to do? I like skorts and golf dresses. So I started packing leggings to wear with them.

And now leggings are my favorite golf accessory — mainly functional, but sometimes just for the looks. Recently Iconic Sport sent me samples of both their warm golf leggings and their cool leggings, and I tried them out.


  • Leggings do not have feet. Tights have feet. Do not confuse the two. You do not want to walk 18 holes with tights next to your feet, you only want soft, thick, cushy socks there.
  • Some golf leggings do not cinch your waist. Iconic’s leggings have elastic on top to sit around your thigh (something like what bikers have been wearing). I recommend you order a size smaller than you are inclined to pick, just to minimize slippage.
  • Some leggings not only cinch your waist, they shrink it. For this property, look for “compression” on the package.
  • Golf leggings let a woman get away with a super short skort or shorts. You can say to the golf course dress code nazi, “Look, I am wearing long pants.” This is awesome for the teens and 20somethings who hate conservative golf clothes.
  • Leggings show the shapeliness of a woman’s legs without showing the imperfections. Those of you who are over 40 know what I’m talking about.
  • Golf leggings can make new friends. When I wore Iconic’s zebras, which happened to match my
    Image of Iconic golf leggings

    Eye-catching from Iconic.

    Birdie Babe golf bag, everyone noticed. At a “50 Shades of Grey” nine-hole tournament, I wore leggings that looked like fishnets, and everyone noticed. This is fun!

  • Leggings can be warming, which gives winter golfers a whole new world of wardrobe options.
  • Leggings can be cooling, as offered by the companies that tout the sunscreening properties of their fabrics.

OK, that’s eight bullet points. What’s most important to remember is that there is a big difference between the $5 to $9 leggings widely available and the golf-enhancing products made by companies such as Iconic ($36 a pair) and Nike (as much as $70 for top-of-the-line golf leggings). The sports companies are making leggings that wick, that breathe, that cool, that warm. The other companies are making leggings that appeal to your eye. Choose accordingly.

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