Now women have their own golf magazine. Beefcake, anyone?

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Maybe the new magazine will have some beefcake. Maybe not. (Photo by Pixabay)

MARK MARCH 1 on your golf calendar: It’s the day that women will once again have their own national golf magazine.

A new partnership with the 120,000-golfer-strong Women’s Golf Alliance has kickstarted GottaGoGolf Magazine, and we will be offering a digital magazine full of stories for, about and by women. The spring issue is all about fresh starts, new beginning, and hitting the ball farther!

Here’s the official announcement. Stay tuned for more.

Women’s Golf Alliance teams up with GottaGoGolf Magazine

120,000 female golfers will enjoy a free subscription to a multi-dimensional digital publication designed by women and specifically for women

Phoenix, Ariz. (Jan. 27, 2015) — The Women’s Golf Alliance, the fast-growing consortium of women’s state and regional golf associations, is offering its 120,000 affiliated members a free subscription to GottaGoGolf Magazine in 2015.

Women’s Golf Alliance President Mary Pomroy and GottaGoGolf Magazine Founder Susan Fornoff said the partnership will provide an added value for the Alliance’s 20 state and regional member associations while promoting its mission: Supporting state and regional golf associations to promote and grow women’s golf.

“We are excited to be involved with the launch of a unique, innovative, informative and professionally designed women’s golf magazine that we can offer to our members as a courtesy of the Women’s Golf Alliance,” Pomroy said. “The first issue will be out March 1, just in time for us to enjoy at our annual WARM (Women’s Association Roundtable Meeting) March 9-11 in Phoenix.”

“I want GottaGoGolf to be seen as inclusive, a forward-thinking publication with something for every woman interested in golf,” Fornoff said. “When I learned about the Alliance, I quickly realized they too have a commitment to inclusiveness; it’s a vision that we share. This magazine can help all women’s state and regional golf associations raise their profile and reach their goals.”

The Alliance will have specially-designed pages in each issue of GottaGoGolf. The magazine will also offer features on fashion, lifestyle, gear and destination travel.

Nonmembers of the Alliance will be able to purchase subscriptions at

Each member association may offer free delivery of the digital magazine via its twice-monthly handicap eRevisions, in a separate email blast, or on its website. Nancy Early, executive director of the Women’s Metropolitan Golf Association, and Caroline O’Brien, executive director of the Pacific Women’s Golf Association, will serve as liaisons to the publication.

“Each Alliance member association feels it is important to increase the voice and visibility of women golfers, and we are confident our partnership with GottaGoGolf will enhance these opportunities,” said Pomroy.

GottaGoGolf published on a 10-month editorial calendar in 2011 (the archives are online and free at It will launch as a quarterly publication March 1 and then produce monthly issues June 1-December 1 for an eight-month editorial calendar.

About the Women’s Golf Alliance ( Formed in 2009, the Women’s Golf Alliance represents 20 state and regional women’s golf associations comprised of 120,000 women golfers. Its goals are: to increase the voice and visibility of women golfers; to enhance the member benefits and services provided by member associations; and to offer marketing, management and governance resources and tools for member associations, staff and boards of directors.

About GottaGoGolf ( Susan Fornoff, an award-winning sportswriter, editor and author of “Lady in the Locker Room” and Confessions of a Golf Slut, founded the media company specializing in golf for women in 2010. Its mission is to entertain and inspire the 5 million U.S. women who play golf with news and features (via digital magazine, blog, social media and books) designed to help them have more fun with the game. For more about Fornoff, visit

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