Love story – Stacy and her clubs

Image of Stacy Lewis and Travis Wilson

Travis Wilson and Stacy Lewis, shown here at the U.S. Women’s Open, covered some ground in their search for her missing golf clubs Monday. (Suzette Wenger/

WHEN STACY LEWIS got the typical runaround from British Airways — “call us back in 24 hours” — she took a magical mystery tour to find her missing golf clubs. Fortunately, Lewis had rested up, skipping last week’s LPGA stop for practice time in Texas and Florida. So she said, “Well, that’s not going to work,” and took on her task with her typical competitive zest. And, of course, her cell phone.

“I was texting with my caddie the whole time, and he was sitting with Laura Davies and Mick Seaborn, Ai Miyazato’s caddie. And Mick’s friend from school was the head of British Airways Terminal 5 baggage area. “So (the friend) physically went out on the runway, where there is probably he said a thousand bags piled up, found my golf clubs in there, and then physically took them to the last flight to Glasgow (Monday night).”


“They made the flight,” Lewis said. “But then they (weren’t) going to leave the airport at 9 a.m. (Tuesday morning).” Lewis said, “That’s not going to work either,” and hopped into caddie Travis Wilson’s rental car to drive the 54 miles from Turnberry to Glasgow.

“Five miles from the airport we got a flat tire, we hit a curb,” Lewis said, not specifying which “we” was driving. “And so then, we had both our phones; I’m holding flashlights, we are trying to figure out how to change this tire.”

Fortunately, Lewis said, “There’s not anybody else I would rather be stuck on the side of a road with a flat tire with. He’s pretty handy and can fix anything. I put my two cents in here and there, but he was the one that got dirty and got mud all over and grease all over his hands. I held a (cell phone) flashlight and kind of helped take some bolts off and things like that.”

About 45 minutes later they finally got to the airport, picked up the luggage, and drove back to Glasgow, where Lewis finally got to sleep at 12:30 in the morning.


“It’s frustrating,” she said. “The amount we travel, it’s bound to happen. It’s happened before. It’s probably going to happen again. Heathrow, it’s one of those places you don’t want to deal with… But mentally, just having those clubs last night, I mean, I slept a lot better just knowing that I could play today and not have to worry about it.”

Most business travelers can relate to Lewis’ tale. On my first roadtrip with the Oakland A’s in 1985, an easy jaunt to Seattle, my bag somehow disappeared until I got home. I never knew where it had spent the weekend, and there was some suspicion that someone had pulled a prank.

But the crazy thing is, British Airways was one of FOUR to lose luggage belonging to LPGA players on their way to Scotland.

Jessica Korda tweeted KLM to get her clubs back, Brittany Lincicome told Delta she was missing her clothes, and Heeyoung Park tweeted that her bags never left O’Hare via United.

Lewis hopes her good luck so far is a good omen for the week, when the weather might present her biggest obstacle. “I did get very lucky with the bags,” she said. “(The friend) told me that he said it would have been at least two days before they even moved a lot of those bags. Definitely got very lucky.”

Now let the real games begin.


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