Shank? It’s not a dish you’ll enjoy on a golf course

image of lamb shankIT’S LIKE A four-letter word in golf, taboo and not to be uttered by the superstitious. But, knowledge is power. So let’s all learn the meaning of shank  from the GottaGoGolf glossary, even though we may not want to use it.

This is definitely not the most delicious shot in your repertoire. You may ask for a shank from the butcher. You might consider carrying one on a camping trip. But on the golf course, you may not even want to utter the word.

That’s because there’s a lot of mystery and superstition about the shank itself. Ask a teacher why your well-considered swings are suddenly resulting in shots that are flying low and short and — what, way over there? — and the answer is bound to be something like, “Well, could be a number of things.”

The immediate cause of shanks: The club hosel, rather than the club face, is making content with the ball.

But this could be a matter of stance, set-up, ball position, backswing, downswing — whew, no wonder golfers would rather have the runs than the shanks.

As golf terminology goes, shank ranks right up there on the no-nos list with yips, which is a GottaGoGolf glossary for another day. One can only utter so many nasty words in one item.

This article first appeared in the November 2011 edition of GottaGoGolf Magazine.

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