The right golf underwear for the swing

Can someone please tell me what kind of golf underwear the ladies of the LPGA Tour wear? And does it meet the golf dress code?

Image of a lacy braToday I was forced to again play 36 holes, beginning with 18 at one of my favorite courses anywhere, Whitehawk Ranch. It is as beautiful and as immaculately groomed as ever. Women love to play Whitehawk, and on 18 I pointed out to my playing partners one of the reasons why:

I missed a shot and it went rolling toward a bunker but stopped short. The superintendent lets the grass grow just long enough around the bunkers so that you’re not penalized doubly for a bad shot. I mean, if the ball is rolling at a bunker, you didn’t hit it very well or completely missed your target and that’s going to cost you.

You don’t need the course to mow a path into the bunker.

Next, we headed over to Plumas Pines, where the greens were not their usual lightning quick selves. This actually softened the difficulty and thus speeded play. That’s only temporary, because head pro Brandon Bowling says visitors should expect to find them up to speed in just another week or two.

The greens confounded me a bit on the front nine and I carded a 50. Was also being stabbed by an escaping underwire in my bra, so at the turn I just took off the whole garment.

My playing partner complained of chafing and took off her underpants.

Thus unencumbered, she shot 39 on the back and I shot 41.

Which got me thinking, undergarments are not required in any golf dress code I know of. And which is why I’m wondering what golf underwear the pros wear. How do they balance between looking, shall we say, perky and feeling athletic?

I promise to ask them and report back on what they’ll tell me, in a future article in GottaGoGolf.

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