6 things a woman should carry in her golf bag

Oh sure, you probably carry a first-aid kit, bottle of water and maybe some rain gloves in that big, multi-pocketed golf bag of yours. You’ve got room for more stuff, and here are six things every woman should carry.

Image of Birdie Babe BottleTHIS IS NOT the article to tell you what equipment you should have in your golf bag. GottaGoGolf recommends a club fitting expert for that. But if you’ve got the space, these six small additions may not enhance your game but could most surely lift your mood when you need it most:

  1. Deodorant packs: I came across a unisex version of these recently in a set reviewed in the HerGolfStuff blog, and just loved the idea of a quick freshening-up before sitting down for a civilized 19th hole. Face it, there’s no other formulation that is both lasting enough to carry in your golf bag and discreet enough to carry into the ladies room. Here’s one in a nice lavender scent.
  2. Antihistamines: People allergic to grass and pollen most likely take a daily tablet before they get to the course — but what about the rare bug bite that causes immediate swelling? Allergies, I’ve learned, crop up where they never were as we age, so I’m now carrying some antihistamine gel-caps, just in case. These could save someone’s life.
  3. Swiss Army knife: There are some just for golf that include a divot tool and spike wrench, but I’d rather have a multitasker that has scissors, nail file and a corkscrew.
  4. Birdie juice: Some gals from Canada gave me a lesson in this celebratory potion. You just load up a cute flask with some unusual, special-to-you adult sipper such as butterscotch schnapps, ouzo or Mescal and whip it out whenever someone has a birdie.
  5. Immodium: Upset stomachs and golf courses do not play together, so carry a remedy. Even if you don’t think you would ever need this, consider the gratefulness of a playing partner in need.
  6. Ear-covering headband: These small, lightweight bands take up less room than a watch cap and serve double-duty, not just for warming but for securing a regular hat in wind and for repelling water when worn around the hat.

Any other ideas? I’ve even got a compartment in my pushcart with room for a little something.

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