experienced writers who love to write just for the heck of it. On the downside, we do not pay for content. On the upside, we do not claim exclusive rights to anyone’s work.

What is the guest post policy of GottaGoGolf?

We welcome guest posts and especially reciprocal guest post arrangements. Just email the editor at susan at gottagogolf dot com with your idea. If you’re marketing with content, expect to pay $500 for a guest post that is labeled as a paid post and will remain on the site as long as it exists.

What is the comment policy of GottaGoGolf?

We welcome all comments even when they disagree with us! But we do moderate comments for spam, profanity and advertising-disguised-as-comment. We also edit for spelling and grammar.

Why didn’t my comment show up on GottaGoGolf?

We review all comments before releasing them to the site. See above question for reasons why we might not release your comment.

How can I get my product/service/event featured on GottaGoGolf.com?

At the moment, we have two advertising programs: the email newsletter, and a blog post. It costs $250 to sponsor our email newsletter (including an article ad for your product), $200 just to have an article ad in the newsletter, and $500 for a blog post related to your product. We have not yet established rates for ads appearing on the sidebars of articles and are open to offers for those.

What is the reprint policy of GottaGoGolf? My club/group/blog would like to republish an article and would like to know if that’s OK.

Absolutely and thank you for the compliment! We just ask that you credit GottaGoGolf.com and link to us if you’re digital. If the post was written by one of our guest writers, please credit her/him too.

Have a question we didn’t list here? Please use the contact form below and let us know. Thanks!


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