A woman alone on a Maui golf trip

What’s she doing in Maui all by herself? Enjoying the scenery — and playing golf of course!

GottaGoGolfers, I am taking one for the team. That’s an old baseball expression for getting hit by a pitch. It hurts, but you get to first base and therefore your sacrifice gives your team a chance to score.

The pitch that hit me was a softie, though. I got up at 4:30 this morning in Denver and pulled up in front of the Wailea Beach Resort Marriott at 4:30 this afternoon. It was a very long day of travel, but when the flight landed at Kahului Airport we applauded. Because outside we saw palm trees and mountains. Because we were in Maui.

They’re awaiting two, not one!

And now here I am in my perfect room with a perfect view, getting ready to have a perfect mai tai followed by a perfect meal.

All by myself. How could this happen?

Well, back in December I was packing for a golf media tour of Maui that would include me and four other golf writers. Golf press tours can be grueling, and the hubby decided he’d stay home at his job while I was in Maui on mine.

But two nights before the Maui golf trip, my foot caught on a carpet on a stairway landing and I went flying, landing badly on the foot and hearing a pop. I had never broken a bone but if I had I was sure this is what it would feel like. A shot or two of tequila helped me through the night, until X-rays the next morning.

Fifth metatarsal, cracked. Trip to Maui, busted. No weight bearing for me for a week.

Ah, but the Maui Visitors & Convention Bureau had bought me a nonrefundable plane ticket. These days, one must die to get a refund of a nonrefundable ticket. So my hosts kindly offered to invite me back later in the year for a mini-version of the press tour and a Maui golf trip of my own.

And now here I am. The hubby again decided he’d stay home at his job, and while I thought about inviting along a friend, I also saw a busy itinerary that included five rounds of golf and four dinners with local golf and hospitality folks. I’m here to find out how Maui measures upas a golf destination for women, and to revisit some of the women I met here on a visit in 2010.

It’s time to update that article on Maui golf for women, and to write a fresh one for a new LPGA women’s golf network coming later this summer. So I am in Maui all by myself, taking a softball pitch for the greater good of women golfers everywhere.

Tomorrow: Wailea golf, and a lesson.

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