Why I’m not celebrating women’s golf day, and other notes

Let me explain why I’m not celebrating women’s golf day, in this first of a series of occasional GottaGoGolf notes columns.

Image of women golfers celebrating hole-in-one

EVERY DAY GottaGoGolf celebrates women’s golf and women in golf, and so you’d think I’d be all excited that today is women’s golf day in capital letters. Women will be all over the Golf Channel and the sports networks, many golf courses are holding special events targeting women, and women golfers might even qualify for discounts with some shops and retailers.

I’m not excited. And the reason I’m not excited is that tomorrow isn’t women’s golf day. Neither is the next day, or the next day. Today is just a blip, a for-profit promotion that I’m inclined to support nonetheless because it’s masterminded by a woman. But, just as I had no praise to offer Augusta National when it finally broke down and invited a few women to join, I have nothing to say in support of a day for women in golf.

That we need a day and men do not says enough, thank you.


Much has been made about Fox color commentator Paul Azinger’s disdain for U.S. Women’s Open champion Ariya Jutanugarn’s applause when her playoff opponent, Hyo-Joo Kim, made a good shot on Sunday. The good news is that many golfers applauded Ariya’s sportswomanship and booed Zinger’s  comment.

Admittedly, there are golfers who would resort to dirty tricks in the match-play scenario that confronted Jutanugarn and Kim. Others would silently wish their opponent slices, hooks, yips, chunks and even, ugh, shanks. But many, many more of us have been humbled enough by the game to appreciate the good shots of our opponents.

Who, in their weekend rounds, does not cheer when a companion chips in or bombs a putt? If you’re not, you should be. And that includes you, Zinger. Maybe it’s different at a Ryder Cup, but, maybe it shouldn’t be.

Trust me, GottaGoGolf is the first to open the birdie juice when anyone at all birdies a hole. And here’s to the champion, whose name, we now know, is pronounced area, like length times width, and not aria, like the tune we cannot carry.


Friday’s rain delays made for a long day of television on Saturday, but that was no excuse for Fox to move the U.S. Women’s Open off the air so that it could show baseball.

June baseball games are just one, and early ones at that, in a season of 162. If Fox isn’t taking the U.S. Women’s Open more seriously than that, the USGA should find another network.


If you watched the Open, you may have noticed that Rolex bought up all of the airtime so that there were no commercials. The broadcast crew somehow managed to find time to eat and go to the bathroom, but we had to pick our spots to pause the DVR.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked it. It just seemed a little strange. But with many of us skipping through commercials anyway, it makes sense for future.

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