Sleeveless golf shirt: It’s all about the armhole

In much of the country, women are already donning sleeveless golf shirts. One of the industry’s top women’s golf clothing companies puts a lot of thought into one particular fit factor of the sleeveless golf shirt.
Image of Antigua sleeveless golf shirt designs

From left: Jewel, Trust, Michief, Avail

It’s all about the armhole. That’s what they say at Antigua, which has just announced four “perfect fitting sleeveless styles” for spring 2017.

Here’s the Antigua report from Mary Beth Lacy:
After more than 30 years designing golf apparel, Antigua’s designers know that fit is the key to keeping customers returning again and again to their product. As the weather heats up and golf season starts around the country, the sleeveless shirt is a staple in the closet of female golfers.
Key factors in developing the perfect fitting sleeveless style include establishing an appropriate across-chest measurement and armhole depth. From the top of the shoulder down to the bottom of the armhole, the shape of the armhole must follow the natural shape of a women’s body, curving in just enough in the right places so as not to interfere with arm movement or even worse, curving in too much and therefore showing the sides of a bra.
Armhole depth must follow the “Goldilocks Rule” — a term senior designer Danielle Dellios uses when describing Antigua’s fit policy. “The armhole opening cannot be too deep, nor too shallow, it must be just right,” says Dellios. She uses a myriad of fit models to ensure women of all body types can feel comfortable when wearing Antigua.
Antigua offers four new sleeveless styles for 2017.


The ladies sleeveless golf shirt Jewel style features Antigua’s one-of-a-kind geometric jacquard Desert Dry moisture wicking knit fabric. The textured face and flat-back fabrication is smooth against the body and allows for optimal wicking performance at the face. The sleeveless Jewel is one of Antigua’s best-selling pieces because the fabric has a unique drape that women of any age find flattering. The hidden ribbon and snaps at the top shoulder seam are great for holding a bra strap in place for a worry-free swing.


The ladies stretch woven style “Trust” combines the function of Antigua’s Desert Dry Xtra Lite fabrication with modern styling. The lightweight poly/spandex woven fabric offers a more sophisticated look along with several styling details such as pin-tucks at the top shoulder, a covered button placket and rounded hi-low hemline. The main task in developing a woven polo is in the fit of the garment. The Antigua design team spent many hours fitting multiple body types to ensure the wearer has enough room to feel comfortable while golfing. On the other hand, to keep the style from looking sloppy and oversized, several steps were taken in tweaking the pattern to provide a more tailored look. Darts at the bust allow for a proper fit at the armhole and chest and curved side slits offer minimal pull lines at the hips.


Prints are hot right now in the women’s market and ladies sleeveless style “Mischief” focuses on the idea of mixed media. The asymmetrical cut-and-sew front panel features a three-color geometric printed top panel and the lower half of the body uses a solid color lightweight closed mesh fabric. Both fabrics provide ease of movement with four-way stretch and the fit of the garment follows Antigua’s traditional sizing.


Women’s sleeveless golf shirt style “Avail” plays with fabric direction and texture. The tonal striped poly/spandex fabric is ultra-soft and slightly slinky. Cut-and-sew princess seams use the main body fabric run at a 45-degree downward angle to give the illusion of a more defined waistline and smaller silhouette. An open V-neck placket gives the style a more casual off-course look, while the traditional self-fabric collar meets all club regulations. Overall this style can be described as flirty and feminine.

Thankfully, it appears that the days of “mini-man” golf apparel are over, at least at Antigua, which designs and fits for today’s woman golfer.

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