Product review: A clever water bottle for golfers

Do you need a new water bottle for golf? Maybe not, but here’s one you will want.

EVERY GOLFER should carry a water bottle. We’re athletes and we need to hydrate at every even-numbered hole, some experts say. We get hot and we get thirsty. We don’t want to purchase throwaways and add to landfills, and we know we can’t count on golf courses supplying drinking water whenever we want it.

Hydaway sent us a sample of their new hydration system, aka water bottle. It’s so different we couldn’t wait to try it out. Now we can recommend it.

Why would we recommend the Hydaway (available on Amazon) as the ideal water bottle for golfers?

  • The Hydaway expands to hold 21 ounces, not too much, not too little.
  • The Hydaway is made of a thick material unlikely to deteriorate. No BPA, no odor and no icky taste.
  • The Hydaway will stand up just fine on its own. It’s not just a sack.
  • It comes in eight colors, so you can coordinate with your golf bag and clubs.
  • Most important, one is unlikely to lose the Hydaway. Once you have expanded it and emptied it, you can smush it back down to a disc that fits neatly in its zippered pouch, which can be attached to your golf bag discreetly.

In the heat of summer, you still will want to carry your iced, vacuum-insulated water bottle, because the Hydaway doesn’t have those fancy, high-tech properties. But at $20 online, it seems the price is right for this clever water bottle, which just might find a home on your purse.

Keep in mind, however, that kids love the Hydaway and think it is the coolest water bottle ever. They want to take it to school and show their friends how it expands and then packs away again. So if you have junior golfers in the house, expect your Hydaway to quickly disappear. That’s the one drawback: Hydaway’s small profile makes it easy to steal.

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