Review of WingsLove sports bra as golf bra

The BirdieBra™, the ultimate golf bra, is on its way. In the meantime, GottaGoGolf reviews current options on the market for their golfability. Today: the WingsLove sports bra. 

Image of WingsLove sports braThe WingsLove sports bra, made in China and found on Amazon, is a non-padded, wire-free, high-impact sports bra made entirely of polyester. It promises moisture wicking, breathability and “total bounce control,” so it seemed like a good candidate to serve as a golf bra on a 95-degree day.

The bra comes in black and a boring but universal nude color, and the size range is an impressive 34-48 and B to G.

It’s a substantial bra, cut so high in the front that you might want to button or zip up the polo. The straps sat well on the shoulders and won’t slip or show under most sleeveless shirts. It has a back closure. The front of the band under the cups doesn’t stretch; all of the stretch in this bra is in the back, which works great in the golf swing.

It looked good under a white shirt except for the oddly cut and rather bulky seams on the cups. It felt as substantial as it looked and flattered the girls with its lift, while not feeling scratchy.

So, how did it work on the golf course? First time out, it felt like a natural birdie, soooo comfortable and solid, not rubbing or chafing anywhere. It did seem, however, a bit hot, so I’m not so sure about the breathability of the thick polyester fabric here. But it will definitely replace an old, worn, so-called golf bra.

The label said hand-wash-only, but it came through the washer just fine. There were definitely some lessons here to be learned for development of the BirdieBra™, the ultimate sports bra for golf!

DEVELOPER’S NOTE: If you want to participate in the development of the BirdieBra™, please click on the link to sign up. And if you want to see my video review, here it is:


  • Comfort and Performance
  • Lift and Support
  • Quality
  • Value
  • Looks

It broke par!

The WingsLove sports bra lifted the girls and game with comfort, and is moderately priced as sports bras go. It comes without wires or padding in sizes from 34-48 and B-G, true to size I thought, and you can throw it into the washing machine without worry. The sturdy fabric seems a little bit hot, but then, it was 95 on the days I tried it. There was too much coverage in the front, and the cups had weird seams that looked bunchy under a white shirt, which accounted for the lost stars on quality. When it comes to performance, this is a fantastic bra.