Review: Syrokan ultra sports bra as golf bra

The BirdieBra™, the ultimate golf bra, is on its way. In the meantime, GottaGoGolf reviews current options on the market for their golfability. Today: the Syrokan ultra sports bra. 

Image of Syrokan Ultra Sports Bra

The Syrokan “ultra sports bra,” made in China and found on Amazon, is a non-padded, wire-free, high-impact sports bra that boasts of supportive two-part cups and advanced moisture wicking. This sounded like a good combination for golf.

The bra came in sizes from 32B to 44F, with five color choices. I chose the black because I don’t have a dark golf bra.

The bra looked very attractive, with contrasting piping around the neckline and armholes and across the front. The piping did not, however, effectively create separation, even with non-stretch fabric underneath. The band under that seemed like nothing more than a wide piece of elastic with 360-degree stretch. The straps had some padding at the top, and the mesh back looked like it would cool on a sweltering day. The silky lining in the bra cups felt like a lot of my airiest golf shirts.

How did it golf? This bra provided strong lift and support, but it did not feel comfortable at first try-on and never felt comfortable on the golf course. The back felt too snug and rough, even though I ordered my correct size. I think maybe there were too many pieces of fabric stitched together for it to feel smooth and invisible. The straps seemed too short and adjusted only in the back.

I finished my round with a snowbitch, but I’ll try not to blame the Syrokan ultra sports bra, which helped me learn what not to do in developing the BirdieBra™, the ultimate sports bra for golfers.

DEVELOPER’S NOTE: If you want to participate in the development of the BirdieBra™please click on the link to sign up. And if you want to see my video review of the Syrokan ultra sports bra (with my new haircut, finally), here it is:

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Lifting your girls, but not your game

This is the first bra in our series that was truly uncomfortable on the golf course. Should there be a grace period for breaking in a bra, as we sometimes do shoes? I don’t think so. The structure of the Syrokan rates high on our chart, but ultimately the mix of stretch and non-stretch fabrics undermines the comfort across the back. That’s essential for the golf swing.

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