Product review: My New Arms, pantyhose for the upper half

My New Arms is such a weird idea, it took me a while to try it out. After all, don’t we women hate pantyhose? Do we really want to wear them on our arms as well as our legs? My trial says, yes, maybe we do.

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MARGO ZATKOVICH, in Santa Rosa, California, came up with the idea of My New Arms for women who were getting self-conscious about their sun-damaged skin and increasingly flabby upper arms. “Hide unsightly, crepey arms for good!” says the package. The goal was to invisibly improve the arms for sundresses, sleeveless tops and evening wear by connecting flesh-colored nylon to a built-in bra.

She designed two bra styles (regular, racerback) in nude or black, with arms in five flesh tones, size 1 for 32-36 bust and size 2 for 38-44 bust.


Each My New Arms, priced at about $55, comes with plastic gloves that you put on to avoid snagging the nylon with your nails and rings. The arms have a narrow wristband that is hardly noticeable but could be covered with a bracelet or big watch.

I don’t like the idea that women have to be self-conscious about every aging body part, and so my free test package slipped my mind for a bit. But I finally tried My New Arms on a cool summer morning at the golf course and had my best round of the year. Something about the design helped me keep my golf swing compact and controlled; my arms felt like part of a unit rather than entities unto themselves.

I had a sleeveless shirt on over the My New Arms, and my foursome did not notice them until I showed them. The bra felt and looked supportive enough. The UPF 50 sun protection beat my usual sunscreen, and I didn’t feel uncomfortable when the day warmed up into the 80s.

Later, on a 100-degree afternoon, I did feel hot (even sprinkling water on the arms) and would not wear them again in extremely high temperatures. Sleeves marketed specifically for sun protection, not necessarily camouflage, are better at cooling the arms.

After half a dozen or so wears and washes, I still don’t have a run. In October I took them on the all-women media tour of Gulf Shores, Alabama, and my fellow travelers oohed and aahed. So My New Arms is definitely on to something.

Now that I’ve found pantyhose for my arms, I’m ready to find some footless pantyhose I can wear to cover my legs for golf. Sun protection and natural-looking camouflage, not a bad idea. Maybe vanity can be good for the golf game.

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