Review of Brooks Fiona sports bra as golf bra

The BirdieBra™, the ultimate golf bra, is on its way for 2020. In the meantime, GottaGoGolf reviews current options on the market for their golfability. Today: the Brooks Fiona sports bra. 

Image of the Brooks Fiona sports braThe Brooks “Fiona” sports bra, made in China and found on Amazon, is a non-padded, wire-free, medium-impact sports bra made entirely of polyester, for cup sizes in the B to DD range. Its Drilayer fabric sounded ideal for a hot day, and I chose a color that really pops, Race Pink. There are options including vanilla, blue, pink and green.

The wide, comfortable band on this bra has 360-degree stretch, and the hook-and-eye back closure is soft and cushy. Although it is said to have “molded cups,” it is simply two layers of fabric, the inner black one shaped into cups with minimal stretch and the outer Race Pink one (with 12 percent Spandex/Elastane) very stretchy. So there’s more uniboob than separation.

I love that you can adjust the straps in front while the bra is on; just unsnap the velcro and tighten or loosen. Under a traditional golf shirt, the straps may show, however. And the front is cut high. On the plus side, the support is probably higher than medium. Maybe the medium refers to the cup size limit, which excludes the H girls.

It felt cool and comfy on the golf course. In fact, I forgot I was wearing a bra, which is what you want. It’s so pretty, I wouldn’t mind the straps poking out from summer tank tops and certain dresses.

After I studied the label, I realized I was supposed to have washed this separately before I wore it. Good thing I didn’t wear a white shirt, get sweaty and bleed it. I washed it separately after I wore it and it came out looking beautiful, just the way the BirdieBra™ will!

DEVELOPER’S NOTE: If you want to participate in the development of the BirdieBra™, please click on the link to sign up. And if you want to see my video review of the Brooks Fiona, here it is:

  • Comfort and Performance
  • Lift and Support
  • Quality
  • Value
  • Looks

Definitely not a course record

A bra that costs more than $30 should have it all, and while the Brooks Fiona came in a pretty color and had some nifty features, it’s short of remarkable. The fabric would show under many sleeveless styles, and the girls wanted more lift. This is a useful bra, especially in the summer when the DriLayer fabric does its thing, but it is not the ultimate sports bra for golfers.