Product review: Your body might love ALINE inserts more than you love new golf shoes

GottaGoGolf puts ALINE golf shoe inserts to the test.

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I GAVE ALINE inserts a rigorous test this year to see if I could recommend that recreational golfers spend $70 to improve their existing shoes. Short answer, just in time for holiday gifting: Yes!

ALINE inserts have amassed a following on the pro tours, among both players and caddies. The inserts have multiple patents, and company founder and CEO Derek Carroll says, “When you provide benefits like increased power and distance, improved balance and accuracy, and a decrease in fatigue, players have taken notice.”

While power, distance, balance, accuracy and energy could have income-producing implications for pro players, what about the rest of us? Would our incomes increase, our scores drop, our happiness zenith?


My ALINES arrived in a zippered pouch with instructions:

1. Replace existing insole with ALINE.
2. Wear for 1-2 hours the first day.
3. Add 1-2 hours per day for 5-7 days.
4. For best results, enjoy ALINE in all footwear.

I followed the first two instructions and played nine holes three times wearing ALINEs before I walked 18 holes.

The bad: The inserts are stiff and take some getting used to. They’re pricey! And, I did not make more money or set a personal scoring record.

The good: I noticed a happiness factor immediately that reached far above my feet. I mean, I sat down after my round for the 19th hole, and I got up. Easily. No stiffness, no creaking, no groaning. And that night, the usually barking hips were quiet.


Since that first round I have worn ALINE inserts whenever I walk a golf course. I’m not using them in all of my footwear because, well, I want them to last awhile for golf. I’m not even putting them in my cart shoes because I still like the Adidas Boost technology for golf and do not want to remove those insoles.

But I’m taking the extra, figurative step of putting ALINES in all of my comfy walking golf shoes, which have been getting worn because I hate to replace comfortable shoes. With ALINES, I can keep my shoes longer.

I believe ALINES golf shoe inserts ultimately are going to be good for my game because the entire lower half of my body, from lower back to toes, feels better and stronger during and after a round, even the next morning. It’s not even all about the feet.

The company makes models for cyclists, skiers, exercise and everyday activities. Its goals for the golfer: “power, accuracy, comfort.” I haven’t measured my power and accuracy. But ALINES make me a happier golfer, and that’s worth $70.

You can shop for ALINE shoe inserts at Amazon.

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