A golf push cart for women? We review two Sun Mountain models

A golf push cart for women? Yes! We review and compare Sun Mountain’s Micro Cart and Speed Cart.

Image of Sun Mountain golf push carts for womenWHEN IT COMES TO reviewing a golf push cart for women, what do we look for? After all, why would a women’s golf push cart be any different than a men’s golf push cart?

Surely we all want a smooth and sturdy ride that we don’t need to replace after a season or two. We all want room for our drink and our umbrella. But maybe women place a higher priority than men on ease of unfolding/folding, compartments for stash, accessory options and, admit it GottaGoGolfers, color choices.

I’m sold on Sun Mountain’s product quality after four-and-a-half years unfolding, pushing and refolding my pink Micro Cart. Now the company has sent me a cobalt and white Speed Cart, Sun Mountain’s most popular model, which I have been using during Colorado’s spring-like fall golf season.

I easily opened up my Speed Cart, loaded my bag on and teed off on one of the most vertical holes in the state, No. 10 at Homestead. Upon finishing the straight-up par-4, one faces a walk so long and steep that the course stations a marshal with a four-seater at the 10th green to offer limo service to the 11th tee.

I pushed my three-wheel Speed Cart all the way, and noticed a vast improvement in ergonomics and maneuverability from the four-wheel Micro Cart. Even though the Speed Cart is a pound heavier than the Micro Cart, it felt lighter on wheels.

Here’s how the two carts compare on other important features:

Price: The Micro Cart lists at about $200 and the Speed Cart at $10 more.

Image of two women's golf push carts side by sideFootprint: The Speed Cart takes up a lot more trunk space than the Micro Cart. The Micro Cart folds down to 25 inches long — 12 inches shorter than the Speed Cart! It also takes up about an inch less depth.

Folding/Unfolding: Neither cart requires any back-twisting, nail-breaking, biceps-pumping effort.

Security: The Micro Cart comes with bungee carts to secure the top of your bag. The bottom of the bag sits neatly enough in the bracket that in four and a half years my bag never slipped off. Maybe because it’s a more horizontal set-up, the Speed Cart comes with bungee cords that secure your bag at the top and the bottom.

Stash compartments: One reason I loved my Micro Cart and would recommend it as the golf push cart for women was the extra storage bag on the back of the cart. Sun Mountain is no dummy, it has now removed that bag and given buyers many options for accessories. So you can buy one of those for either cart. The standard storage areas are ample, with a lidded compartment for valuables and a mesh basket for the things you’ll want to access quickly. I especially love the cell phone stand on the new Speed Cart.

Accessory options: You can get a cart seat for either the Speed Cart or the Micro Cart! And there are a bunch of other attachments available for both carts, including a cooler and two cover options, one that covers just the wheels and another that covers the entire cart. You can definitely soup up that ride!

Colors: There are eight choices for the Micro Cart and nine for the Speed Cart. Alas, the pink Micro Cart is no more. That’s too bad, because it caught the eye of lots of golfers. The Speed Cart does have a gunmetal option with pink accents.

Which golf cart wins our nod as best push cart for women? That depends on the woman herself. If she drives a small car and prefers to pack her push cart in the trunk, or has limited storage space at home, she will be thrilled to get a Micro Cart. If storage in cars or at home is not a consideration and she wants the fastest roller, or if she must have pink, the Speed Cart will make her happy.

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