Review: Foray Golf’s innovation in women’s golf clothes

Here’s our take on the on-trend, high-fashion women’s golf clothes from Foray Golf.

Image of Foray Golf women's golf clothes

Foray Golf’s Ghost Dog collection.

I DON’T GET EXCITED about women’s golf clothes very often. That might be partly because every time I get a new outfit that I think looks just great on me, I see someone else in my club wearing the exact same outfit and looking even better in it.

Recently, though, I interviewed Megan LaMothe for the new LPGA Women’s Network, and I got excited. Megan is the 30-something CEO for New York-based Foray Golf, and she’s come up with an exciting innovation in women’s golf clothes. Every eight weeks, Foray introduces a cleverly named new collection of three or four pieces, made in the USA of sumptuous European fabrics like those chosen by the top designers in women’s fashion.

Foray has an always-available Core Collection of its signature sleeveless polo and skirt-with shorts (Megan doesn’t like the word “skort”). But production of the other collections is limited to no more than 225 pieces. So the woman who wants to wear something nobody else in her club will be wearing finally has a champion.

Don’t look for these collections in golf shops, however. Foray keeps prices out of the stratosphere only by selling directly to the consumer, online at Megan sent along her “Ghost Dog” ensemble for review and I wore it for 18 holes on Saturday at Grand Elk Golf Club in Granby, CO.


The skirt-with-shorts arrived in two days, compactly shipped in a sturdy box that could be returned if something didn’t fit, or if it was not what I’d hoped. In the box was a return shipping label. Foray Golf reimburses customers for any shipping costs, as long as they do not remove the big, black “DO NOT REMOVE” tag.

Each piece came with a plastic sleeve containing all of its features as well as a round iron-on patch that said “Have you seen this ghost dog… Foray Golf.” I haven’t figured out what to do with that.


The Italian technical jersey fabric gives this piece beautiful draping and I loved the fit. But, even my husband agreed, the skirt was too short for me. (I am 5-8 and wore the size L.)

It has a mini back pocket that could hold tees and keys, but I found this awkward to access. The winning feature is the Sneaky Pocket on the comfy built-in shorts, so you can stash an extra golf ball and lip balm without adding bulk to the skirt lines.

As someone who sews, I appreciated the beautiful work and details. I decided I would wear the too-short skirt with nude leggings — but, Megan tells me I am not the first to deliver this feedback and now Foray Golf is going to add length to its skirts. At 2 inches longer the L will score major points, and still be short enough to appeal to younger women.


This Italian sweater knit looks and feels like cashmere, maybe even better, and the Italian chiffon back creates a unique illusion worn over the polo. (It’s called Ghost Dog because if you look for it you’ll see a dog figure in the geometric blue-on-white pattern on the chiffon backs of both polo and sweater.) It seems too nice to wear on the golf course, but I did and found it fit my swing comfortably and got attention.

I wanted to cry when I read that the label said to hand-wash, but I decided I would follow orders to preserve the gorgeous fabric. Well, Megan doesn’t like to hand-wash either, and she said it can be machine washed, but not machine-dried.


Image of Foray Golf core collection

Foray Golf’s Core Collection

Women with busts often have to settle for a golf shirt that fits the chest and balloons out below it. Foray’s Ghost Dog polo, the same design as the sleeveless polo in its Core Collection, has darts and seams to taper the shirt so it fits the body, but without clinging to love handles, belly or back fat. The 4-way stretching, wrinkle-resistant fabric comes with UPF 50+ sun protection and is colorfast. So you can wear sunblock without worrying about ruining your shirt.

I liked the long front placket and the curved hem, which can be worn in or out. This women’s polo is feminine, flattering and cute. I think it would look great with dress jeans and heels too.


The Ghost Dog polo is $120, the cardigan $130 and the skirts $150. The Core Collection polo is $95. That makes these prices double what we pay for the common pro-shop brands of women’s golf clothes. Foray Golf is  for women golfers who love fashion, fine fabrics and attention to detail, and who want to be sure no one else will be wearing their outfit on the course today.


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