Ladies’ choice on the PGA Tour

The sexiest golfer on the PGA Tour and the player we’ll root for aren’t one and the same.

Jordan Spieth, sexiest? Nah, but we like his putting stroke.

There was a time when every woman we knew would be rooting for Camilo Villegas to win the Masters. The Colombian’s dark eyes and muscled physique distinguished him from a field of vanilla ice cream eaters. We couldn’t wait for him to assume the pushup pose to read a putt.

Some of us rooted for Tiger, of course, just to see that blinding smile light up his usually intense face. But then, Camilo stopped qualifying for the Masters in 2012, shortly after Tiger lost the women’s vote by grabbing too much… oh, never mind.

So we checked in with the PGA Tour to find out which player is now winning the women’s vote nowadays.

Women make up 35 percent of the PGA Tour’s fans, according to a 2015 Comscore report, and it’s a powerhouse 35 percent. They’re much more likely than women fans of other sports to have completed advance degrees, share in a household income over $200,000, own a top management position, and have a net worth of more than $1 million.

Yet, the tour claims to have no knowledge of which players are most popular among women fans. There’s no data, we were told.

That’s when GottaGoGolf decided to run a quick little survey, one that was answered by 100 women golfers around the country. And here’s what we learned:

  • Women think Adam Scott is the sexiest golfer around, but they aren’t rooting for him to win the Masters. They think Henrik Stenson is sexy too, but they won’t be rooting for him. They also think Brandt Snedeker, Dustin Johnson and Jason Day are sexy, but, sorry guys, no pom poms for you.
  • Then there were the players women don’t think are terribly sexy, yet women are rooting for them: Tiger Woods, Rickie Fowler, and Phil Mickelson. Our man Phil, it must be noted, won a single “sexiest” vote and it came from the only 20-something woman to fill out a ballot.
  • Bubba Watson, Justin Rose and Sergio Garcia got no love from anyone for anything.

Of course all this data raises the age-old question, “What do women really want?” Scott, a gorgeous golfer with much talent seems like a perfectly nice guy who is not the brightest bulb. Stenson, it must be noted, is not American and this was a polled-in-the-USA result. Snedeker remains largely unknown as a person even though he’s eye candy. Johnson hits the ball much too far to be a favorite of women golfers, and Day has been caught whining to the press about this and that.

Day tied Fowler for third place on the list of players women root for. Fowler’s kind of a little guy, which appeals to maternal instincts, and he seems like one of the good guys. We love good guys, which is why we’re sure Matt Kuchar would win our approval for the green jacket even though we left him off the poll.

The 46-year-old Mickelson, in second place, has captured the women’s vote with his goofy grin, his rock-headedness and his obvious affection for his darling family. We don’t see him as sexy, just lovable.

Which brings us to our main man, who has no wife or kids (that we know of) and is visibly losing his hair. In a runaway, with nearly 40 percent of the vote, the Ladies Choice to win on the PGA Tour is 23-year-old Jordan Spieth.

Jordan, why do we root for thee? Let us count the ways: He’s a good-looking, young man who is obviously close to his parents, sister and family. He’s single and does not seem to be serving as baby-daddy to an interstate Brady Bunch. And he misses a good share of greens because he’s not the longest hitter on the tour.

Great putting, ah, that will get us women every time. We liked the way Villegas read them. Even better, Spieth sinks them.

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