How to save money on women’s golf clothes

Do women’s golf clothes have to be so expensive? Of course not! Save money by following along with our tips.

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Both women’s golf clothing and men’s golf clothing tends to be more expensive than it ought to be, simply because golfers tend to have higher incomes than the average Jane and Joe. These do’s and don’ts will have you looking like a winner — without losing your shirt!

DO consider creating your own golf outfits with what you already have in your closet. Use “What to wear for golf if you don’t have golf clothes” as your guide.

DON’T shop in high season, which happens to kick in after the PGA Expo in late January or just about when you’re ready to tune up your clubs. There’s an exception we’ll get to in a minute, but generally August, September and October bring the best deals on merchandise from the past season. Strategy: Shop in August to see what’s out there, and then be ready to buy a month or two later when the prices drop.

DO give yourself a minute or two to browse around the “sale” racks at the golf course shop (known as “the pro shop”) before or after your round. Many have stepped up their buying for women and may carry local brands you won’t find elsewhere. Most have learned not to put course logos on women’s merchandise, unless theirs is a prestige name you might want to wear to show off.

DON’T be seduced by Facebook, Twitter or Instagram ads. Learn from my own mistake: The photos may look awesome and the (unanimously positive) reviews may give you confidence. But remember that these are PAID ADS, sometimes from legitimate companies but often from short-timers whose clothes won’t fit properly or look like those photos. At the very least, check the return policy before ordering.

DO consider consignment shopping. Consignment stores operated by non-golfers tend to underprice high-end golf clothes. And online, Poshmark sellers are listing quality women’s golf clothes at reasonable (and negotiable) prices. I found a beautiful Loudmouth skort there for $25. New ones are $89 and up.

DON’T ignore the member warehouse stores early in the season. Costco, for example, typically has cute skorts for women and golf shirts for men out on the tables for $20 and under, while they last. I find that a lot of this merchandise doesn’t survive many washings well, so consider your investment good for one season only. Which, of course, gives you the excuse to shop again next season.

DO go to the source. If you find something you like at the PGA Superstore, see if the brand website has it at a better price. And vice versa.

DON’T forget to take online shipping costs into account. Of course, there is usually incentive for you to spend at a certain level to get the  shipping for “free.”

DO consider shopping at woman-owned retailers. Two of GottaGoGolf’s favorites for the latest or hard-to-find styles and for plus sizes: Lori DeSimone’s Lori’s Golf Shoppe and Christina Thompson’s Golf4Her.

Of course, for the best deals online, always go directly to the “SALE” or “CLEARANCE” tabs. In stores, most smart shoppers know, head directly to the back!

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