Help GottaGoGolf design golf course review criteria for women

Have you noticed that articles about golf courses tend to describe them from the back tees? GottaGoGolf wants to know what’s important to women who play a course from the two sets of tees up front.

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In 2016 I moved to Colorado, but only recently did I play a certain course near my house. I’d heard good things about the course from other women, but my husband dismissed it. Well, guess what, I loved it and can’t wait to play it again!

I liked that it was pretty, with aesthetically pleasing ponds and big views of the mountains and sky, and relatively easy to walk. I liked that it was well thought out from the forward tees, and not too long: I could see the way I ought to play each hole. Course conditions were excellent, the starter warm and welcoming, and the clubhouse new and elegant. The 19th hole wasn’t open due to stay-at-home restrictions, but it looked like a relaxing finish to a round there. It felt like a good value, at less than $50 on a Sunday.

I came away convinced once again that women have different values than men when it comes to golf courses, and someone ought to be reviewing them for us, not just the guys. So at this quiet time in the golf world, I’m looking at incorporating into GottaGoGolf reviews of the hundreds of golf courses I have been fortunate enough to play.


Here’s where you come in. I can give you the facts: the tee options for the average woman player, the location of the restrooms, the price range. But to create star reviews, I need a handful of criteria that require only a simple assessment to inspire a rating.

Here’s my list: playability, beauty, value, amenities, walkability, attitude, course conditions, wow factor, female presence, 19th hole, pace of play.

The list is too long. Please, women golfers only, take the GottaGoGolf Stars survey now and help me shorten it to five things.



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