GottaGoGolf hits the road with Women’s Golf and Travel Concierge

We’re excited to announce that GottaGoGolf is collaborating on golf trips with Women’s Golf and Travel Concierge. Here’s the official release.

With a name like GottaGoGolf, it was only a matter of time before the women’s golf blog took its readers on a golf trip. Today, publisher and editor Susan Fornoff announces a new partnership with Barbara Gutstadt’s Women’s Golf and Travel Concierge to take GottaGoGolfers on the road.

“With Barbara’s planning expertise and her familiarity with numerous domestic and international golf destinations, we’re sure to generate itineraries that foster great camaraderie and spirit,” said Fornoff, former San Francisco Chronicle travel editor who also writes travel pieces for the LPGA Women’s Network.

Image of Barbara Gutstadt

Here’s Barbara!

GottaGoGolf has an enthusiastic following of women who play the game for fun and enjoy Susan’s travel articles, and I look forward to working together to take their enthusiasm for the game around the world,” said Gutstadt, Founder and CEO of the leading provider of women’s golf travel.

The first collaboration is a doozie: GottaGoGolf Scotland, in May 2019.

“There’s a wonderful saying in golf, ‘I didn’t come here to lay up,’ which expresses the Tin Cup, go-for-the-green spirit of playing the game for fun,” said Fornoff. “If GottaGoGolf was ever going to hit the road, the destination had to be one where the spirit of golf was alive and thriving, and where women golfers would be as welcome as men. If not Scotland, where? And if not with Women’s Golf and Travel Concierge, who?”

Unlike those of traditional golf magazines, the tone and target demographic of GottaGoGolf are distinctly female and feminist. The monthly email newsletter goes to an organically grown list of about 5,000 subscribers, with the blog averaging more than 10,000 unique visits monthly. Women’s Golf and Travel Concierge adds exposure to more than 20,000 women golfers and their associations.

“We’ll make safety and inclusiveness priorities for GottaGoGolf’s journeys,” Gutstadt said. “And our trips always welcome men to join in the fun that’s bound to come along for the ride. We’ve noticed that women and men tend to approach golf trips differently, and we can design itineraries that account for those differences in a way that makes everyone happy.”

As a prelude to Scotland, an emergency getaway to Cabo or to the Dominican Republic may be in order to warm up GottaGoGolf’s cold-winter residents. More information about these and all GottaGoGolf journeys will be posted at .

About GottaGoGolf: Susan Fornoff, an award-winning sportswriter, editor and author of “Lady in the Locker Room,” founded the media company specializing in golf for women in 2010. Its mission is to entertain and inspire the 5 million U.S. women who play golf and their kindred spirits overseas, with news, features and commentary created to help them have more fun with the game. For more about Fornoff, visit .

About Women’s Golf and Travel Concierge: Barbara Gutstadt is a serial entrepreneur, public speaker on business golf, international golf resort consultant, Board Member of Women’s Golf Day and Women in the Golf Industry and co-author of “Teeing Up for Success.” She founded her women’s golf travel company in 2013 to design exceptional golf experiences for the discerning female golf traveler and her family and friends. For more about Gutstadt, visit .

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