Golf bra review: I really wanted to love this Core 10 bra

The BirdieBra™, the ultimate golf bra, is on its way. In the meantime, GottaGoGolf reviews current options on the market for their golfability. Today: the Core 10 Medium Support Scoop Back Bra.

Image of Core 10 Women's Medium Support Scoop Back Sports BraCore 10 has positioned itself as making “premium athleticwear fit for a woman.” Their new bras, manufactured in Mexico, are priced accordingly, with the Medium Support Scoop Back Bra in the premium range on Amazon. It’s important to note that you have seven days to make returns, because, even though this bra comes in the range from 30-46 band and A-G cup, there is a sizing issue.

It’s a gorgeous bra and I was excited about wearing it. The outside of the foam cups are covered in a silky polyester, and mesh trim added a pretty detail along the neckline. The elastic straps provide ample lift, and the band stretched a bit in front and a lot in back. I’m still not sure what the point is of marketing the scoop back. But, when I tried it on, I thought, wow, here is a great, uplifting bra that is going to keep everything in place for golf.

And then I played golf in it. It was a fun round with my husband, who couldn’t help but catch me pulling and tugging on the bra throughout the round. I couldn’t wait to get in the car and unhook the nicely padded back closure. I was so disappointed! It machine washes beautifully, but it does not fit.

I see there online it says, “Core 10 recommends sizing up in the band.” Well excuse me, but why should I ever size up in a premium bra sold at a premium price? It seems to me that all those “premiums” would guarantee a premium fit.

And so, here’s the BirdieBra™ promise: All prototypes will be tried out for five hours on the golf course, by someone who wears that size.

If you can’t wear it for five hours, it is not the BirdieBra™, the ultimate sports bra for golfers.

DEVELOPER’S NOTE: If you want to participate in the development of the BirdieBra™please clink on the link to sign up. And if you want to see my video review of the Core 10 Medium Support Scoop Back Bra, which started off so promisingly and then took a drastic turn, here it is:

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  • Quality
  • Value
  • Looks

Lifting your girls, but not your game

Really pretty, well-made bra with great lift and support, well-suited to weathering bumps in the golf cart. You’re sure to love it until you wear it for five hours. I’ve since worn it a couple of times, for shorter periods of time. Good bra to wear out to dinner, because you won’t want to eat too much and expand.

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