Best golf gifts for women: Our 2017 favorites

Use our list of best golf gifts for women to avoid the alternative: dumb golf gifts for women.

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Golf-minded business people continue to come up with inventions and creations that make great golf gifts and dumb golf gifts. The possibilities for golf gadgets, golf outfits and golf equipment seem as endless as a round of golf on that day when you can’t sink a putt.

That said, we’ve seen a few golf gifts this year that seem well-suited to women golfers. Here they are, just in time for Mother’s Day gift shopping.

Here’s a tip you can give her

Image of ShoeTips golf gift product

When ShoeTips Golf debuted their neat little mindfulness messaging system at the PGA Expo in January, co-founder Ellen Rudolph noticed something interesting.

“Women, who tend to be more attuned to the concept of mindfulness than men, responded enthusiastically,” she said.

The idea behind ShoeTips is to simplify that stream of golf swing thoughts to no more than two thoughts before your shot. Little tags with any of 18 thoughts of your choice fit right over your top lace, so you might combine “tempo” and “balance” or “back and through” with “hit down” or “stay down.” Universal favorites have to be “breathe focus” and “commit trust.”

If your shoes don’t seem to be the place for these, there’s another option that holds two tips and hangs from your bag. We think it would be cool to offer more colorful ShoeTips, or create a golf glove we can write on.

In the meantime, this is a great option for the golfer who wants to think, but not too much. About $20 online.

Jewelry she can use

Image of ankle bracelet golf gift

Luci Bromberg figures we’ve got to bend over to mark our golf balls anyway, so why not put the marker on an ankle bracelet?

She started One Putt Designs that way, and now offers the customer a choice of any two ball markers with any one of 20-some choices of bracelet. We tried one and it stayed securely on for 18 holes, looked pretty and worked well once we stopped reaching for our hat clip.

These are so pretty, women golfers might enjoy wearing them even if they aren’t using them.

One Putt Designs also makes a ball marker necklace, a ball marker stroke counter and other golf-themed jewelry. Ankle bracelet prices range from $25 to $45 in the online store.

Give her a better grip

Most golfers don’t regrip their clubs as often as they should, and even more than most ignore the putter grip. We recently had a chance to sample P2 grips on our three favorite putters and recommend selecting one for her.

Watch any mediocre putter, and you’ll notice a lot of hand action. What’s different about these grips is the positioning of the shaft at the back of the grip, creating an angle that locks the wrists in place throughout the stroke.

Ideally, the P2 also eliminates indecision about where to place the hands. We loved our Ping putter with the React, which is oversized but not the biggest in the collection, and expect to save a few strokes with it this season.

Note, these are not your run-of-the-mill $10 grips. You can find them starting at around $20 in the P2 putter grips


Golf lingerie? This gift will comfort the girls

Image of Tee-bra golf gift

If she’s ever complained about her sports bra, or maybe you’ve just caught her straining to adjust certain things on the course, she will love the Tee-bra.

Liz Hernandez, a former college basketball player, came up with the idea because her skin reacts unkindly to elastic, the chief component of most sports bras. She used a super-soft fabric to create the Tee-bra, which looks like a tank top with a built-in bra except that the bra layer is over top of the tee.

Wanting ample support from our bras, we were skeptical. But not only was the Tee-bra comfortable, it looked great by itself for yoga or under our favorite Carnoustie pullover and provided plenty of stability for golf and other low-impact sports.

Priced at about $35, the Tee-bra comes in blue, black and white.

Give her time to practice

Most women we know are too busy to get to the range between rounds.  A sleeve of the bright orange SCI-CORE ultimate practice ball might inspire her to work on her short game in the backyard or even practice her swing in the basement.

This is the heaviest practice ball on the market, so it gives a real feel and travels as far as 130 yards with a full swing. Yet it floats and is so soft it will not break a window or scuff a floor.

A six-pack costs only $14.95 and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Finally, our favorite golf gift for women

Our motto is “Experiences, not things.” And so, we would most like the gift of a day on a golf course with our favorite golf companions, including 19th hole and then maybe dinner.

If that’s asking for too much, well, there are always those dumb golf gifts. Give us a putter you found at a garage sale, an outfit that doesn’t fit in a color we’d never wear, a golf hat though we always wear visors, a set of monogrammed golf balls in a brand we’d never use. We promise to get even.

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