Bandon Dunes for men golfers, Boulders for women golfers

Image of Bandon Dunes: The golf resort for guys

Bandon Dunes: The golf resort for guys

FIVE NIGHTS and four rounds of golf at Bandon Dunes easily answered the question: why the guys love the Bandon golf resort and women prefer the Boulders.

The Oregon golf resort reeks of testosterone (and cigars), though it claims to target not men but the market of avid golfers. It’s a magically beautiful place, however — think Pebble Beach in the early years, with no houses in sight, just the land, the links, the Pacific Ocean. So I’d love to see more women players take it on. In fact, I’m willing to recruit some for the first GottaGoGolf championship.

I’ll have more to say about all of this in the travel pages of the premiere issue of GottaGoGolf Magazine, coming soon. In addition to looking at why we love the Boulders golf resort in Arizona, it will feature a spread on how to dress for both Boulders and Bandon, with real live golfers as models. founder Pete Wlodkowski isn’t averse to adding a women’s division to his annual two-man championship at Bandon Dunes. He had 58 players this year for the four-round event, which clearly gets etched onto the calendar early by the regulars. At the final dinner, I asked the room “How many of you think your wife or significant other would like it here at Bandon?”

There was no show of hands, just a resounding NOOOOOO! A few of the players said later, they enjoyed their “boys getaway” just the way it is thank you. They like the competition and the camaraderie.

And, GottaGoGolfers, so would we! Don’t forget to enter your email address to receive the premiere issue of GottaGoGolf Magazine, coming soon.

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