LPGA players offer a pointer on hot weather golf

Need some advice about hot weather golf? Try these tips from the best women golfers in the world.

Image of fan cooling off hot weather golfWhen the mercury topped 100 degrees in Rogers, Ark., over the weekend, spectators kept to the shade zones and accepted cold towels from organizers of the Walmart NW Arkansas Championship. LPGA players and their caddies, however, had to find different survival strategies for hot weather golf — and one that players stressed might strike most of us as a surprise, because it’s really the last thing we want to do when it’s oppressively hot.


“I played a practice round in the afternoon so I knew about the heat and how to deal with the hot weather today,” runnerup Mika Miyazato said. “So I really tried to focus on eating more food.”

She laughed, but, seriously. Here’s Ryann O’Toole’s take on it: “I take these things called highlights, which are legal, they’re just electrolytes that you take in pill form, so they really help to hydrate you…¬† And eating, I think that’s the one thing that people miss out there is when you’re hot, you don’t want to eat. I think you’ve still got to keep fueling yourself.”

These women, of course, would not be caught dead with the usual hot dog at the turn, much less a beer and a burger.

Five great snacks to pack, according to GottaGoGolf’s Guide to Golf Nutrition for Women, include: nuts (not peanuts, which are technically legumes), bananas, celery-carrots, cheese-yogurt and the hard-boiled egg.

One other thing: Perfect as a cold beer might sound when it’s 100 degrees out, alcohol is the anti-fuel for achievement on the golf course. There may be several superfoods, but there’s still just one superbeverage, and that’s water.

For more info on health and nutrition for golf, see this special issue of GottaGoGolf Magazine.

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