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Image of red golf ball with heartGOTTAGOGOLF HAD a wedding reception, and naturally there would be some golf beforehand. But, what would be a fun golf tournament format for a group that included men and women, single-digit handicappers and bogey-plus players, younger and older?

We agonized. And when we came up with the Love Scramble, we worried that the macho single-digit guys would think it was silly. After all, every hole had different instructions, and there was no winner. The goal was to not be the last-place team, who would have to sing a love song at the 19th hole.

Well, guess what: Those macho guys thought the Love Scramble was silly, and they thought it was a blast! They thanked us for coming up with such a fun golf tournament format, and now we’re sharing the love with you.

Try this one for your club’s next scramble, or maybe your season kickoff. Your props: a tennis ball, gift ribbon and a bottle of tequila (or other preferred birdie juice).

You could make it a Stars and Stripes format for July 4 and require that the losers sing a patriotic song, or a Holiday format for December and make the song a carol or other festive number.


HOLE 1: Regular scramble play. If you need a refresher, see our expert advice on scrambles.

HOLE 2: Team must use their worst drive (i.e. farthest from the green).

HOLE 3: Irons only! All team members are allowed to use only irons/wedges for the play of this hole. This includes putting!

HOLE 4: Must use the ball farthest from the hole when the team reaches the green and on every set of putts thereafter. (A good hole to start practicing your song.)

HOLE 5: Must use worst tee shot (farthest from the green or OB or in hazard, whatever is worst) UNLESS at least one player has a ball on the green (touching the green=on). If you have at least one on the green, you may use that shot. (NOTE — if worst shot is suspected lost or OB, hit your provisionals from the tee. Golf scoring rules apply.) TOURNAMENT PLANNERS NOTE: IS THIS THE BEST HOLE FOR THIS FORMAT? IT CAN REALLY SLOW DOWN PLAY.

HOLE 6: Team must select two players ONLY to hit tee shots. The remaining two players must then finish the hole. (Players that hit tee shots cannot play again on the hole.)

HOLE 7: Players must have a shot of tequila at the tee. When team has reached the green/circle, use your gift ribbon to shorten the putt.

HOLE 8: Regular scramble, but shots selected must be those that were hit by the loving couple in the foursome, including on the putting green.

HOLE 9: Team is divided into two two-person teams that will both play a scramble. Team uses the lowest score from the two pairs.

HOLE 10: Must use your shortest 2nd shot. (Drive is 1st shot, next shot is 2nd shot- use 2nd shot farthest from the green).

HOLE 11: Alternate shot. Team determines order and each shot is made by one player only. Once your ball is on the green, all team members may attempt the putt(s).

HOLE 12: Once your ball is on the green, putt with the tennis ball (find it in the bunker and put it back there when you are finished) and everyone gets two tries.

HOLE 13: If any shot goes in the lateral hazard on the left, no matter if it was the 2nd or 3rd or 4th or 5th…, the team MUST use that ball. (That means, take a drop and a penalty.)

HOLE 14: Once you reach the green, you must putt with your driver.

HOLE 15: Players must have another shot of tequila at the tee. If any of the players hits a shot into any bunker, that ball MUST be used (if more than one go in a bunker, you may choose which one to use).

HOLE 16: If all four players hit their drives in the 16th fairway, the team may then pick up all balls and play their 2nd shot from the 100-yard marker. Otherwise, normal scramble.

HOLE 17: Each player will select one club (all team members may select a different club). Then each shot must be played with their selected club. For example, if one player chooses a putter, that player must tee off with the putter, and hit all shots afterward with the putter.

HOLE 18: Dress rehearsal for your song. Regular scramble, but all shots must be taken in unison while singing. (One-club-length rule is waived here – please make safety the priority.) Once team has reached the green, the putt is good.

You can download our player handout here — or make up your own fun golf tournament format and tell us about it.

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