Wouldn’t Ginni Rometty look great in a green jacket?

It’s not just the Masters champions who get to wear those green jackets. The members (still a top secret list, apparently) and a select few beloved sponsors and VIPs slip into those blazers every year during tournament week for their strolls around Augusta National, assuring that they meet the golf dress code with distinguished style.

Here’s hoping the Masters Committee has found a tailor to craft a nicely fitted size 10 or thereabouts. Because next week, IBM CEO Virginia Rometty ought to bust the grass ceiling and join the fellows in the green ranks.

Ah, but will she?

Yesterday’s exclusive report in Bloomberg details the quandary that IBM has presented for the most staid and tradition-laden country club in America. On Jan. 1, it promoted Rometty into a position whose predecessors had all won the green jacket at Augusta. IBM is one of the Masters’ three sponsors, and as such has a hospitality cabin and other VIP perks including a green jacket for the CEO.

The Bloomberg report, by Beth Jinks and Mike Buteau, suggests that even though Rometty plays some golf, the Masters Committee might well find some excuse for denying her the green jacket. It doesn’t say that Rometty even wants to wear the jacket. Judging from an image search, while the green would surely flatter her coloring and the collar ensures that it meets golf dress codes, the jacket cut does not meet the lady’s usual fashion standards.

In an email today, Jinks said, “We asked and Edward Barbini, an IBM spokesman, declined to comment on the issue on the whole company’s behalf. Ms. Rometty hasn’t agreed to give any interviews that I’m aware of since she became CEO in January.”

OK, so she’s probably busy. Here’s hoping she has the time and inclination to go to Augusta next week and hobnob in the traditional manner and traditional outfit. But like the Bloomberg report, GottaGoGolf has its doubts about that Masters Committee. So here’s a link to tell the committee to do the right thing.

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2 Responses to Wouldn’t Ginni Rometty look great in a green jacket?

  1. Cori says:

    So archaic! Ten years ago I won a golf tournament in Morocco where the winner was to be invited back the following year to play in the King’s tournament, but it was all men! Impossible! We like to think we’ve made progress, but here we are in the U.S. in the 21st century, dealing with the same issue. Amazing.

  2. Lois says:

    Wow, I would be surprised if she was there in a green jacket. But it’s about time they allow this to happen. They might even like it.

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