A match play rules scenario with only one wrong answer

Consider the following match play rules predicament:

You are leading your match by 2 holes with 7 holes to play, and you are quite sure your opponent has just broken a rule. What would you do?

A. Ignore it and never say a word.

B. Ignore it but silently obsess about it and then tell others later.

C. Immediately point out her mistake but tell her you’ll ignore it.

D. Let it go but later tell her what she did wrong, because maybe she didn’t know.

E. Tell her you think she just lost the hole by breaking rule such-and-such and you will be asking for a ruling, just to be sure, after the match.

If you read Gail Rogers’ cool, calm and collected column in GottaGoGolf Magazine this month, you probably know there’s only one wrong answer. But what would you do?

EWGA’s Golfpalooza was in full swing Wednesday night in Las Vegas, with about 400 of the national group’s swingers honoring one of the sweetest swingers of all, Lorena Ochoa. In a casual survey, none of them chose the wrong answer and the vast majority chose E, the choice of the competitive player who wants to win.

Their second choice was D, which made sense because this is a group that mentors and cultivates new golfers.

Interestingly, some of the women said their answer might be different depending on the stakes, on how much they liked their opponent, and whether they trailed. Some speculated that women would stress over a match play rules predicament like this far more than men probably would.

How would you decide?


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